UK reports highest daily total COVID cases since June 21 at 1,148


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Russia has a vaccine ready to save lives, but the UK doesn’t order it because of politics.

People are dying needlessly.

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These grim statistics are just the icing on the cake confected by the hapless, half-baked Tory "leadership" which has made the UK No 1 in the world for per capita Covid deaths. Why? How?

The interminable decades of Tory party rule, interrupted only by the odd interregnum of Tory-lite Labourism, have only served to prop up the UK's superannuated class system and prevent the country from developing into a modern democratic society.

By those of us who have taken the "red pill" this Covid debacle was only to be expected from Johnson's party of incompetent, public-schooled imposters who have always posed as the only "competent" stewards of the "common weal". Unfortunately, too many of the electorate have been fed a diet of "true blue" pills by government propaganda aided and abetted by the right-wing MSM and the notorious English gutter press. This tragic mismanagement of the Covid plague may yet result in the much needed rude wake-up call that will drag English society out of its slothful complacency and into the "Brave New Post-Pandemic World".

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Russia has a vaccine ready to save lives, but the UK doesn’t order it because of politics.

People are dying needlessly.

Is that you Donald? You got a thousand people dying a day.Should worry about your own citizens first.Jokester.

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Russian does have a vaccine ready to use. Not been tested yet. I wonder why?

Pubs and beaches are crowded, young people particularly are not social distancing or wearing masks. Time to close the pubs again.

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I was talking to an old university friend who has voted either Lib Dem or Tory all her life and we both agreed that of all the PMs we’ve seen in our lifetimes ( we are in our late forties ), Johnson is the one you would not want in charge during Covid. Brown, Cameron and May will be remembered as unsuccessful PMs but I’d take any of these three over Johnson right now.

Absolute car crash of a leader.

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How is it that the most right wing leaders preside over the worst hit countries?

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Blame China now blame Russia, yawn...

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Russia has a vaccine ready to save lives

The Russian vaccine is rushed thru approval - it's only been tested on a small sample of 38 volunteers, and before a final clinical trial involving thousands of patients to test for safety and efficacy (historically, only about 10% of clinical trials are successful)

Good luck to the Russian people. If they mess this up, this'll make people even more wary about trusting vaccines there

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The Russian govt knows its citizens will cue up for anything, only to be ultimately disappointed. They should have no trouble finding volunteers willing to become guinea pigs for the Vlad vaccine.

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