Virus-hit Carnival cruise ship docks in Australia as country's death toll hits 39

By Sonali Paul and Jonathan Barrett

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Brace yourself Australia. You're in for a helluva ride.

Stay clean. Stay safe.

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Thanks Black Sabbath, there is optimism in Australia that the curve has flattened despite the Ruby Princess contributing 10% of our our positive Covid 19. Massive stuff up by NSW health authorities to letting 2700 passengers disembark at Sydney harbour and then leave to all parts of Australia.

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The people on board infected cruise ships are already quarantined from the rest of the world. There is no reason remove people from quarantine in order to put them into a different quarantine.

Those quarantined on board will need testing, medical treatment, food, water, etc.. All of which can be provided to them while they remain on board the cruise ship. Without exposing the residents of port cities to this virus from Wuhan, China.

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Without exposing the residents of port cities to this virus from Wuhan, China.

Which spread worldwide because of leaders who were unwilling to make decisions that might lessen the income of their fellow elite, or perhaps weren't intellectually capable of understanding what their respective medical professionals and intelligence agencies were reporting, or perhaps listened instead to their media 'entertainers' with zero understanding of much beyond spouting bold lies to their gullible readers and listeners, or perhaps listened to the telescamgelists who supported them.

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Or listening to the World Health Organization which now seems to have been protecting China's reputation instead of trying to curtail the spread of a deadly virus.

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