Warplanes dump water on Amazon as Brazil military begins fighting fires

By Jake Spring

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Bolsonaro is just the latest in a long line of right-wing South American leaders who work hand in glove with the rich and entrenched interests in order to shaft the poor and the indigenous and make even more of a profit for themselves and their buddies. What a contrast between Bolsonaro and the President of Colombia. And that Nero comment, an arrogant and cynical attempt to deflect the blame with sarcasm- what? who? me?

And yet all no doubt approved of by Big Brother in the North, who doesn't care who rules in Latin America as long as it isn't someone, you know, Socialist.

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When the frequency and intensity of natural disasters increase due to climate change because of bad decisions by corrupt officials. We can let those same corrupt officials solve those problems eazy peezy!

Our Very Smart President Wants to Nuke Hurricanes, Report Claims

The stable genius folks!

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said the G7 was nearing a deal to provide "technical and financial help" to countries affected by the Amazon fires.


thousands of liters (thousands of gallons) 

But a liter ain't equivalent to a gallon!

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Bolsonaro is another corrupt president. He and his government are directly responsible for the fires and the poor response. It is all a money grab for large farm operations and natural resources. I feel sorry for Brazil and their poor choice in leadership. What people fail to comprehend is 20% of our oxygen comes from there, so if the Amazon disappears, we are all screwed.

The same sympathy can be said for the US and its choice in leadership at the moment.

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thousands of liters (thousands of gallons) 

I for one appreciate the clarification.

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Now this is a crisis that would need international efforts.

But with a man like Bolsonaro in charge... The Amazon may not survive much longer.

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"Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon aflame." (Brazilian Pres. Bolsonaro)

Like Trump in America, you're making matters worse, not better, by being at the helm.

Besides, as large as the fire is, dumping a little water on it is like trying to put a bonfire out with a squirt gun, isn't it?

This is pure corruption and criminal behavior, and Bolsonaro should be locked up for a very long time, not that that is going to do any good now for the indigenous people who live in the Amazon and the rest of the world.

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