Canadian court grants bail to CFO of China's Huawei

By Julie Gordon and Michael Martina

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Right now, the detention of the Chinese national in Canada is a purely legal process, without opportunity for political involvement.

However, before Meng is sent to the USA, there will be an opportunity for the Canada Minister of Justice to exercise political discretion as to whether to carry through with the extradition. But the parameters for denying the extradition are narrow and unlikely applicable in this case. 

In China, of course, the political arm can simply order the police to arrest someone, including a foreign national.

There's probably no coincidence if a Canadian has been detained for political reasons. He's a hostage.

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She will disappear, using the 8th passport that will be provided with yet another name.

Her Canadian property will be forfeit.

But her family in Canada and the USA will be fine, because the systems of justice in both those countries doesn't incarcerate family.

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There's probably no coincidence if a Canadian has been detained for political reasons. He's a hostage.

Don't pretend the arrest of Meng Wanzhou is not political.

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She will disappear.

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A Canadian citizen has been detained in China, Canada said on Tuesday. The Canadian government said it saw no explicit link to the Huawei case, but analysts had predicted retaliation from Beijing. Two sources told Reuters the person detained was former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig.

Let's see how much information China gives out on this case

We're lucky if people can even get into a Chinese court and know the evidence

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She will disappear.

Then she will be in even more trouble.

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