Hurricane Michael tears apart Florida towns; 7 dead


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My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida in this storm. It’s an awful thing to have your home flooded and, worse, your life and the lives of your loved ones threatened by forces like this.

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Horrible. My sympathies to all involved. Hopefully all will get the support they need and will be able to rebuild.

It's time for even the staunchest of climate change deniers to accept that weather events like this and so many others in the US and around the world have most likely been augmented by all the pollutants emitted since the onset of the industrial era, and especially since we started burning so much oil and gas.

It's really worrying that Trump and his bureaucrats, backed by the global .01%, are saying ignore scientists whose research has shown dire consequences if we don't reduce the amounts of hydrocarbons we're burning.

It's even more worrying Trump, his bureaucracy, and the global .01% are now so powerful they're eliminating environmental regulations.

And it's even more worrying Trump, his bureaucracy, and the global .01% are doing so little with regard to alternatives to burning hydrocarbons.

Baby boomers might be OK, but gens X, Y and Z not.

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