5 killed, including baby, as car plows into pedestrian zone in Germany


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No comments yet, so may I just say what a horrible, unthinkable act.

Sympathies to the injured, to the relatives and to the poor parents of the dead baby.

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Terrorist attack like a couple of years ago at a Christmas market? Sad loss for the family and friends.

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Apparently it is NOT a terrorist attack. The driver was drunk and has a history of mental health issues.

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Oh no, that is just awful. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost a loved one and wishing the other victims a full and speedy recovery.

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Holy crap! I was stationed with the U.S. military at nearby Bitburg Air Base (about a 30 minute drive from Trier) and have been to Trier countless times including many times on vacation after relocating to Japan. I was just there as recently as 2018. My condolences to those hurt and those that were killed. Wow! Shocking to say the least!

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There are news he ‘lived’ in that car recently, that means probably he’s run out of job, money, accommodation. So it is probably not only his weak and sick mental state or hate on society as a whole that is to blame, but the other ‘side’ should also question itself how quite a lot of people are treated that were maybe normal citizens all the years and earlier had the possibility to contribute and profit, but suddenly everything taken away at once for different reasons or sometimes no reason at all.

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