'He was not on our radar': Authorities search for motive in Nashville blast

By Nathan Layne and Mark Hosenball

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Are there any MAGA links? This smells like aright ring terror plot.

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Lone wolf attacks tend to be committed by right wing terrorists:

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Someone depressed who wanted a little fame as he left the world, not to harm anyone else.

Pretty clear. 6am, Christmas morning, did something that got attention, warned why to to stay away. Those circumstances say more than whatever someone wants to make up for their own political agenda.

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One conspiracy theory that has emerged since the bombing is that the AT&T building contained voting machines that might change the outcome of the presidential election.

There is zero evidence that any of that is true.

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He didn't want to hurt anyone but he wanted to damage AT&T.

I belive he was not Right-wing or Left-wing activist. He seems to be grudged against AT &T for some reason. Let the Police to finish their job. The Police will get answer about why he had done it for.

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I bet the ‘Q’ in his name might be a hint...?

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Q 〓 Quinn, a common enough name.

Reading a little about a family conflict that seems to be a factor. He profitably gained a house from his brother who died two years and was sued about that by their mother who must be in her 80s. Not a happy holiday type of family.

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AT&T switching center is about 2 blocks away from the famous AT&T "Batman Building" - .

SpecOps friend says the traffic-cam video of the explosion shows it was likely a propane improvised device - he had multiple reasons why it wasn't other explosives.

The AT&T switching center is one of several such facilities throughout the country that were uniquely designed to withstand the force unleashed by the Nashville explosion, according to Ed Amoroso, a retired AT&T chief security officer who now teaches at New York University.

> The Nashville structure worked as intended by shielding most of the equipment inside it from damage. AT&T said it took longer than usual to restore power to the facility after backup generators failed. Interference from a water main, firefighters dousing the building ...

I haven't seen what sort of role the bomber's father held inside AT&T or how long ago it was. Critical buildings like that only exist in a few places in the US.

The specific building was out of place in the neighborhood with restaraunts.'48.8%22N+86%C2%B046'38.8%22W/@36.1640386,-86.7765438,3a,75y,269.4h,102.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sle30GenlolagNX2ldhGcwQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d36.1635111!4d-86.777691 It has a very understated AT&T logo outside.

5G isn't anything specific for spying on anyone any more than other cellular devices can. Claims of improved security with 5G fail to mention the security failures also included in 5G and prior wireless protocols. If you are worried about being tracked, don't use a cell phone.

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Quote from the U.S. Sun, "Investigators have also received a call from a person who reported Warner to police in August 2019 claiming he was making bombs in the RV which was then parked at his home, The US Sun has learned.

That call identified him as the possible owner of the RV that exploded after seeing a photo of the vehicle released by police."

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Early speculation seems that he's a 5G conspiracies nutter - those can be dangerous

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