Alien enthusiasts descend on Nevada desert near secretive U.S. base

By Lisa Richwine

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God's speed and good luck my friends! A democratic country not embroiled in a full scale war cannot have a government that keeps secrets, or its not a democratic country at all.

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Don't these alien enthusiasts understand that there is virtually zero chance of any aliens having ever come here being as how it's pretty clear that there is no intelligent life on any other planets or moons in our solar system if any life at all, and the nearest solar system to ours is over 4 light years away making it impossible to travel here? Unless the aliens have developed warp speed...

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being as how it's pretty clear that there is no intelligent life

We don't go to cow pastures for a conversation either. There are lots of potential reasons to visit Earth as well as other proposed methods besides faster-than-light speeds.

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Regardless of one's beliefs, one way or the other, I think these "festival" type gatherings are stupid and add a low-brow tone to a topic that, if at all true, is far more serious in many aspects.

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Gotta be more important issues on the planet.

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Let's see how well that privilege card holds up!

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For project blue beam.

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Shouldn't the ICE agency be rushing over to check for any undocumented illegal Aliens ?

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Bunch of losers, don't they know the only real extraterrial live forms existing are, the Predator, the Alien and the stupid E.T.?????.... LOOOOL !!!!..

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