Australia's Queensland warns of more COVID-19 cases; Easter travel plans on hold

By Renju Jose

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I Love living in Japan.

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Me too!

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"Just give us two weeks to flatten the curve" recently turned 1 year old.

This madness won't stop until people start to speak up and throw out these failed politicians and failed "health experts" drunk on their own power

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Snap lockdowns, social distancing rules and speedy contact tracing systems have helped Australia to contain fresh clusters in recent months. It has reported just under 29,300 cases and 909 deaths since the pandemic began

Worth every cent of the billions this has cost the country and its inhabitants.....

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If Australians cannot ‘social distance’ than what hope is there?

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Where are you then?

Sure, It’s cost billions but if those measures weren’t taken the cost would have been higher.



I think we can social distance, sort of. Remember it’s a very virulent strain that UK one.

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There is zero herd immunity in Australia because of their excessive lockdowns. Failed strategy.

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What do you propose we do? Let everyone get the virus and see what happens? What countries have achieved herd immunity already?

I don’t think our strategy has failed at all, in fact it’s likely the reason we have fared quite well in this pandemic. Vaccines are now being rolled out, albeit not as quick as planned but hopefully most of the nation will be innoculated by the end of the year.

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