Biden says Pentagon to review strategy toward China

By Steve Holland and Idrees Ali

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And here starts the 4 years of appeasement towards China.

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And here starts the 4 years of appeasement towards China.

Two carrier strike groups exercising in the South China Sea, one of which passed through the Taiwan Straits while conducting air operations followed by a DDG sailing through the same straits a couple of days later while other US Navy units conduct mine clearance exercises with the JMSDF constitutes appeasement?

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Until US corporations begin to revise their reliance on China, not much can change. It will be interesting to see whether the Trump family's business ties with members of the Chinese Communist Party will be altered now that Trump and family are out of the White House.

troops in the Middle East

US get out of the Middle East.

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Yes, the Pentagon should look at China, but any shooting would be a last resort. We haven't tried sufficiently hard for economic and political pressure from the entire free world sufficiently.

The American govt should strongly encourage American companies to move from any totalitarian govts that don't support freedoms that Americans consider "rights" to democracies where those rights exist and are strongly protected. Put an additional 1% tax on US companies total world-wide revenue with locations in non-democratic governments and bump up the tax 1% every 6 months. This will aid a smooth migration away and set a policy world-wide, not Chinese specific. Also, if companies try to get around it by relocating outside the US, cut their contracts with the US govt.

I really dislike laws that are specific to 1 country. Make laws address undesired behaviors and apply pressure for the other parties to shift away from those behaviors. Automatic tit-for-tat rules related to open markets would be good too. Brazil, India, China are famous for these rules that harm foreign owned companies. The same rules should happen for companies from those sorts of nations.

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So, as with all of your predictions, reality will play out to the opposite.

Burning Bush

And here starts the 4 years of appeasement towards China.

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As per the statements earlier declared by Joe Biden was in a bit favors of china. But after getting into the power Mr. President also realized the dual face of CCP. That now he directly ordered to review the strategy against the china. As CCP is trouble maker for every country. Right now which is clearly visible through the South China may it be Japan or Indonesia or Malaysia or Philippines or Vietnam and so on. The CCP always wants to suppress other nation and capture the territory as it is doing with Myanmar right now. CCP is the so damn cruel and now it has been proven to be the global threat.

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