Biden to send U.S.-authorized vaccines abroad for first time

By Trevor Hunnicutt and Steve Holland

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Now it's going to be interesting to see how the US will play the vaccine diplomacy game. With China and Russia already on a headstart in that game, the salespitch has to be strong in order to sway many nations towards those US-made vaccines.

I hope those US vaccine shipments will be successful nevertheless.

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As an actual taxpayer in the United States of America I am mad. This maroon is giving away tax payer money again to make himself look good.

Our federal deficit is 130% of GDP and soon to be 180%.

This conversation is over. There is no way to stop what is coming. In the very near future the debt will not find buyers and interest rates will rise. Then the Federal government will not be able to funds its "entitlements" granted. The Federal Reserve will try to buy more debt than they are causing more inflation. The cycle will be vicous and fast because of our size relative to other economies. Europe will turn their backs on us like they always have. Japan will be chinese without US support. The "entitled "Americans" who do nothing but sit and collect checks will get hungry and there will be class warfare like never seen anywhere in the world. The communists have been waiting for this. The UK and their satellites are the only (except a few) places not buried in debt. The oligarchs in the communist countries will battle over who will control the world in their infinite lust for power.

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How about sending some of these vaccines to overseas US expats, who are still citizens and taxpayers?

[Just completed my own Federal and State tax returns last week, so I know what I speak of]

Expats in JP are completely at the mercy of the woefully incompetent Japanese vaccine rollout. But the State Dept. is completely punting on this topic, and the US military wants nothing to do with a bunch of civilians roaming around their base looking for leftover vaccines. So we're completely on our own.

Oh, but don't forget to file your tax returns. They'll still take our money.

Literally, thanks for nothing.

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"A competent president taking the US back to a leadership position on the international stage.

There is also the fact that sooo many Trump supporters are anti-vaxxers, so the US has more than enough vaccines."

Yeah right...

Biden has been under global pressure to share U.S. vaccines, but he insisted that he had to first get the pandemic under control at home.

In other words, America first.

By the way, the vaccines were developed under the warp speed program started by trump.

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After four years of retrenchment, the US showing once again it is ready to be a world leader...

If Trump was still President, the only way he'd send vaccines overseas is if each was sold with a copy of The Art of the Deal, or in exchange for some faux dirt on Hunter...

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By the way, the vaccines were developed under the warp speed program started by trump.

So why do 49% of Repub Trump supporting men refuse to take his vaccine?

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The largest numbers of people refusing vaccinations are white male Republicans.

Go figure what's wrong with them. Other slices of the US population are far less hesitant in getting vaccinated. It's misplaced machismo if anything.

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"Just as in World War II America was the arsenal of democracy, in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic our nation is going to be the arsenal of vaccines," Biden said.

biden is a joke. Arsenal of Democracy? He thinks he’s won a world war. He inherited a vaccination program and in three months 180,000 Americans are dead. Now he wants to add to the carnage by giving away vaccinations when 40% of the country is still susceptible to the virus. The open borders without any effort to vaccinate has been a disaster. Meanwhile the leader of the free world is unable to increase vaccinations in his own country.

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The largest numbers of people refusing vaccinations are white male Republicans.

Those white male Republicans must make up 40% of the entire US population. I just can’t understand how a Dem president cannot fool the deplorables into getting vaccinated. Maybe give those (privileged) white male duffuses incentives like a six pack of beer or tickets to a monster truck rally. He can’t take five minutes out from writing all of those executive orders to churn out one to force these people to get vaccinated? I realize that Joe is himself a white male so that is a handicap that should be acknowledged. But there are plenty of others around in his party that don’t labor until the same frailties. Do something! Why can’t biden do something? There is a war on and he can save the world.

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"Arsenal of Democracy", what an ironic term. He must be referring to all those missiles and bombs used to spread democracy around the world.

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Please vaccinate your citizens at embassies globally before handing away vaccines to other nations.

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If you are a white male unvaccinated Republican in the US, I would remind you that Donald Trump said,

“I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it, and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly,” he said during a Fox News interview Tuesday night.

“We have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also,” he said. “But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works.”

So get your danged vaccine so you can go squirrel hunting with the boys, and then stop whining when we give it or sell it to them furriners. We gotta make them healthy so they can buy USA.

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PS: Here is a link for Tump’s statement:

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If you are a white male unvaccinated Republican in the US, I would remind you that Donald Trump said,

What does "white" and "male" have to do anything here?

Isnt this obsessing with identiy politics getting a tad tiring?

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