Prince Charles says: I won't meddle when I am king

By Alistair Smout

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I know the Prince is a privileged old duffer who wouldn't know a hard time if he fell over it, but he deserves a great deal of credit for his long-term interest in environmental and social issues and for speaking out on them at a time when to do so was just to invite ridicule, which he got in spades from the tabloid press.

He's right about the constitutional issues preventing him from speaking out once (if) he becomes king, but geez I wish it was possible for him to do it. The head of the British monarchy making headlines the world over for publicly advocating measures to combat climate change - that would be fabulous.

Perhaps he could get his kids to do it?

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He's in thrall of the woo woo merchants. He needs to stop promoting homeopathy.

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Liar, liar, your pants are on fire.

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Seen him a few times. Once I was working in a Mayfair hotel in a small private bar that he hosted. Amoung around 10 present, was minister of defense, arms manufacturers and prospective customers. So I don’t believe all that environmental guff.

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Agree with you about the homeopathy, classic looney tunes.

But the rest of it - climate change, plastics in the oceans - "woo woo merchant" stuff too? Don't think so.

His speeches are on the record. Never seen anything advocating higher defence spending, and he's not in a position to influence how much the government spends on anything, or where it spends it.

Like I said. He's a privileged bloke. He spends too much money. But you should give credit where it's due, and he's due some credit for what he's said in public about the issues that interest him.

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I wonder, how galling must it be to be 70 years old and still not deemed worthy by Mummy for the big chair?

At this rate, he's going to be king for all of 2 weeks before he passes the crown on to Big Willie Style.

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"My problem is I find there are too many things that need doing or battling on behalf of."

Join the club.

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Good on him. Hes a goid man. I dont agree with him in everything - the interfaith stuff is a waste if time: one faith is simply biding its time till its in power.

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