Britain to quarantine travelers for 14 days

By James Davey

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A bit late for that I think.

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Three months too late but that's what you get from a governing class of don't cares advised by libertarian eugenicists.

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Closing the border would have saved lives.

I think travel into the UK is less 14% of pre Covid-19 times. About 40-50 million arrived at Heathrow Airport every year.

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No testing, a PM who, recent research suggests covid19 affects certain brain functions connected to the central nervous system regulating lung infections, hardly no protection for doctors and health workers, slaughter of care home residents...but the captain is at the wheel. Heave ho!

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I'm pretty sure that da-kine Trump is laughing so hard at Johnson right now !

" Thank you Boris for being 'smarter' than me" , Donald must be silently musing to himself!

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Many countries have banned foreigners from entering. I don't see why UK always has to be so willing to let anyone come through. If a UK citizen who has lived in Japan all their lives, has family in Japan and decides to leave temporarily to attend a relative's funeral, do you think the Japanese government would let them back?

Many of us in Japan are praying nothing happens to our relatives abroad, because we can't leave without risk losing our jobs and homes in Japan. The government lack sympathy, empathy and are ignorant of the fact their country is doing far far worse than all its neighbouring countries. No use banning people from HK, Taiwan, Korea, etc because they are sure as hell too scared to come here in the first place.

Boris couldn't wait to get the UK out of Europe but when it comes to Europe (and the rest) getting into the UK in a time of pandemic, bringing whatever they've got with them, that's OK.

Don't worry. The NHS which saved his life should be receiving an extra 350 million pounds a week because of Brexit.

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...that's what you get from a governing class of don't cares advised by libertarian eugenicists.

What on earth are you talking about?

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Here. Should interest you.

We could discuss the merits and demerits about his approach, but calling it eugenics is like calling compulsory high school a concentration camp. But we have already been through this, and clearly will not agree.

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