Wuhan lockdown ends, but local coronavirus cases rise across country

By Brenda Goh and Thomas Suen

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some questions for China

on how the virus really started in Wuhan , how and why it spread and more

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How nice for China.

Over 82 thousand dead, almost 1.5 million infected, all because of the in action and coverup by the Chinese government. They have blood on their hands, regardless of how many here want to white wash that fact.

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To date China has reported around 82,000 cases and a little over 3,000 deaths for a country with a population of almost 1.4 billion. No matter how well they have controlled the spread this still doesn't ring true. I suspect things are a lot worse there than they appear.

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Over 82 thousand dead, almost 1.5 million infected

Making fictitious numbers like that is just as bad as white washing.

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Yeah, no way in hell China's numbers are that "low" considering how quickly it spread world wide, and the size of their population. But nobody trusts anything that comes out of the CCPs state controlled propaganda anyways so we know they're fudging the numbers as much as possible. I really would love to know the actual numbers. I'm pretty sure if it was known, the CCP probably be overturned in a day. I'm estimating hundreds of thousands at least, and millions at most.

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They have blood on their hands

Very true, but in every country subsequently infected there are others, whose names it would be superfluous to mention, who cannot wash their hands of what they, too, have wrought through ignorance, neglect, incompetence and irresponsibility.

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I never understood why Shanghai and Beijing only had a total of 1000 cases yet places 10000km away have a million cases. Strange. I wish a journalist would ask a question like that instead of gotcha Qs.

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Making fictitious numbers like that is just as bad as white washing.

Those stats are accurate.

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"accurate" was maybe not the best choice of words... but not fictitious.

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Wondering if numbers from China are real...

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Yes, and their wet markets have also reopened.

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Wuhan is a metropolis regionally speaking I guess. Many from the remote and rural areas move there with dreams of making it big much like those who come to Tokyo or New York. Was isolation that effective?

I'm estimating hundreds of thousands at least, and millions at most.

I don't believe they all of a sudden in March had zero infections those few days. Then it became infections from abroad. That said, I don't think it is in the millions.

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They just count the total accumulated cases.

They still count the 88,000 cases from China that have cleared as "confirmed cases".

In biology, accumulated totals are meaningless as they will always produce an exponential curve.

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Lots of Asian countries have kept the numbers fairly low for a number of months with good contact tracing and testing.

While China's numbers may be suspicious but I do believe most of their numbers in cities outside Hubei to be fairly accurate.

Western countries did poorly cause they were complacent and egoistic. And a large part was thinking they are always better than Asia.

Cultural differences play a huge role as well with hand shakes, hugs and kisses. When the news of human transmission was out, most Asian countries already panic buy masks while the rest of the world barely reported it.

When a country that barely cares about human rights and lives starts locking down and sacrifice their whole GDP for this, everyone should have already start preparing.

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What are you talking about?

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Those numbers are recorded cases from all over the world. I thought @Oldman_13 was referring to "over 82 thousand dead, almost 1.5 million infected" as numbers in China.

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