China says outspoken Australian lawmakers should repent

By Lidia Kelly

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I heard Paterson interviewed on ABC News last night. He sure didn't sound like he was going to "repent" any time soon. And I can't imagine Hastie repenting either. This particular incident, if you can call it that, will be just a blip on the radar of China-Australia relations, but it is symptomatic of the deeper unease between the two countries.

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1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps. Who should repent?

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Repent? The overly sensitive Chinese ruling class are so cute, not.

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In the headline replace the word "repent" with "kowtow" to understand China's true intent.

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The more China behaves towards other nations the same way it does to it's own citizens, the less the international community feels any comfort with China's growth and undisguised intent of dominance.

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All countries should be up for criticisms, China needs to grow a tougher skin.

And of course, criticizing a country's govt/regime does not mean one is criticizing the peoples of those countries.

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The Chinese Government needs to learn to repent for all its wrong actions against both its own citizens and for it wrong attitudes to the free world. The world will never bow to the Chinese Communist party.

Well done to the Australians standing up to their bullying and telling it like it is. China seems allergic to the truth being spoken.

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Who says repent? As the PRC is supposed to be atheist, they really should refrain from using such theistic language.

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Barred for frankness about the Communist Party?! That would be the same as being barred for being honest. Poor China, the truth hurts.

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I guess they ChiCom’s are feeling cocky after succeeding in getting the NBA to repent for their sins.

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