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China's new coronavirus cases trend lower


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If you believe anything that China comes out with you need your head read...

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So they say. It just miraculously leveled off, but accelerating throughout the rest of the world.....what has China done so well to lower the rate. I can probably think of a few morbid ways.....

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Something tells me that after this Made in China virus blows over, there's going to be another one not too far off in the horizon. The Chinese govt. really needs to set up new laws to put an end to their controversial eating habits.

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Obviously most of the herd already had the virus and have survived because in general according to stats it is not as dangerous as it is being promoted. Most of their populous already has the antibodies as do the Taiwanese and Japanese.

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The CCP excludes people that test positive but are asymptomatic. So, the Chinese figures aren't directly comparable to the rest of the world's. But having said that, at least they do test and track asymptomatic people. Compare that to Japan where it only tests people showing symptoms, but even then, only for those people that have had fever for 4 days, but even then, only if you are lucky enough not to be rejected at hospitals, or you have darn connections to the elite. Simply outrageous.

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China went beyond any other nation and implemented draconian laws preventing anyone from leaving their houses. In some cases only one person per household was allowed to go out shopping every few days, and that was only if they carried a permission form. China went down hard on the people, they probably had a really tough time, but their strict top down strategy is what was necessary to stop the virus. Look at the UK, US, and Japan over the coming weeks. Whilst the Chinese economy returns to normal, the rest of the world is going to keep spiralling out of control. We can learn from their example.

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Meanwhile critics and whistle-blowers have continued to "vanish" into air... censorship is further tightened.

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There is nothing wrong with censorship. It keeps the masses in control. I am surprised though. I like it.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Okay so they’re evil, censorship, organs, Uighur, IP theft, etc. That said. Why do you think the curve has flattened?

a) All lies. They are right in the middle of the battle the same as Italy, France, Spain etc. Coverup .

b) They have a cure but they’re not sharing it with the world.

c) Immunity developed. Virus is just another flu, deadly but under control.

d) 100% lockdown was key. If replicated, curve will flatten in US as well.

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Maybe they do, maybe they don´t. The press should stop relying data provided by the CCP.

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