Hong Kong activists jailed for anti-govt protest

By Jessie Pang and Clare Jim

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Jail or "re-education?". Good luck and stay safe...

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Joshua, Agnes, Ivan and friends, in time you will be remembered as freedom fighters for the world, whilst those who incarcerate you will be remembered as evil crackpots devoid of humanity.

Stay strong, you have already won by exposing the evil of their ways.

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The west and Japan needs to impose sanctions against Hong Kong.

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I agree, but who’s pulling HK’s strings - China !

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So you can only vote for state sanctioned candidates and if you protest you go to jail? Stalin, Xie and the Kim family might get it, but I'm afraid I don't.

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I'm shocked! Shocked, completely. How could this happen in a free society?

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@ theFu nothing is free!! Not even the air you breathe

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Change has to come from within (ie the mainland). I always wonder where the country would be if 1989 had taken a more positive turn. The West is also partly to blame for feeding the country after 1989.

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The Chinese need to be economically punished by the world-do not but Chinese made!

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The Beijing bullies will have to pay a price for their suppression of freedom. Karma is coming!

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The world should be more strongly against what's happening to Hong Kong and these brave young activists.

Sadly, if North Korea had a strong economy like China does, then the world would be beating a path to its door. Human rights be damned, for North Korea and China are more similar than they are different. Tragic!

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Japan regretfully only cares because they find Mss Chow cute and she speaks Japanese. At the same time they insult Mr Wong calling him ugly in the most demeaning posts.

There are many young heroes in Hongkong these days showing me a glimmer of hope for the world. They humble me in their sacrifice. Hongkong is temporarily lost to Xi, but China, will rid itself one day of this dictator. That is the only hope for the people of Hongkong.

The international community as always will only use stronger and stronger wordings and let the freedom fighters of HK become marters after which the int comm will “ convey its deepest respects “.

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I used to go on regular business trips and vacations as well to Macau, Hong Kong, and China. I don't have to go on business trips anymore and will no longer take any vacations. Instead of using Hong Kong as a model for the future of China, the government has taken a foolish about-face and gone backward. Their response to COVID-19 as the origin of the virus, continual abuse of ethnic minorities, refusal to abolish wet markets and abuse of exotic animals, warrants derision and disgust. The government continues to lie and deflect and even sadder, the majority of the population support it. People should boycott travel there.

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Joshua good health and be strong the true is on your side. Despotic dictatorship is afraid of teenagers, that's the first sign of weakness. We all support you.

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I would like to visit, but I would not like to live in China, without the basic freedoms that I am used to.

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