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Humiliated at polls, Hong Kong's Lam acknowledges discontent with government

By Sharon Tam and Clare Jim

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Methinks that "discontent" is too tame a word. Try "fury."

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got her behind out of there. Great. Now lets see how much the PRC respects the new government

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"Everybody wants to go back to their normal life and this requires the concerted efforts of every one of us," Lam said during her weekly address at the government's headquarters.

"So, as I have said repeatedly, resorting to violence will not give us that way forward. So please, please help us to maintain the relative calm and peace ... and provide a good basis for Hong Kong to move forward."

Blah blah. Empty words. The ball is in her court. The people have spoken, and they 9/10 of those who spoke, in a record turnout, told her that she and her cronies are not wanted. And yet, look at her comment above. No commitment to anything. She speaks as if the ball is in her court.

What a completely pathetic and weak leader. We've all known she is a puppet of Beijing since the start (that's what started the Umbrella protests - Beijing wouldn't allow any non-Beijing-puppet candidates to run). But now that HER people have spoken, she has the option to go with what a dictator (Beijing) wants, or what her people want. HER people. If she sells them out and does not do the right thing now, she will officially stamp herself as one of the weakest leaders in human history. People will say "Don't make a Lam of things", or "he really Lammed", when someone does something like say letting thousands of people die out of negligence.

Lam needs to do the right thing. Be a person of HK. Speak for her people. Lead her people. Clearly being a puppet was the entirely wrong move.

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She speaks as if the ball is in her court.

Oops, I mean she speaks as if the ball isn't in her court.

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Well. I think maybe there were a few signs here and there, however small, that people weren't happy with her.

Like the demonstrations every week.......

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It took the poll result for her to figure that out?

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After 6 months of protests?

But resigning? No! That's obviously not an option she considered.

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The PRC is obviously panicking! It is similar to the current WH administration. They will start to do anything to distract the media from what is happening. The will be a media blackout from mentioning this victory unless the reporter is criticizing the protesters, so the news cycle will get filled with PRC-friendly propaganda.

And, they will also start to rev-up their attacks on the West and Japan for all of their problems. They want to rile up the nationalism by blaming the foreign boogeymen. That means more nonsensical arrests of foreigners to stir the pot.

I suggest avoiding China for awhile because you can be arrested for anything.

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Just go

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China probably isn't letting her go.

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She also said that the government will not make any concession to the demonstrators and that the election results are due to the population being unhappy of the government difficulty of stopping the protests ... What a joke.

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Lots of silence from the 50cent team.

Lam needs to step down. That's the next step.

Full democratic elections for all representatives needs to be made into law for all SARs.

2 systems, right?

Just read about the mainland's election system. Wow, just wow.

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The people of HK did not "choose" violent protest. Given a truly democratic choice, they would much prefer to peacefully vote out all the lying government officials who have oppressed them and get that irksome Beijing monkey off their backs once and for all.

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What can Beijing do now to the voters? Send them to camps to be "re-educated"?

A stunning result that really should be paid attention to.

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The $64,000. question is will Beijing accept the Vote! I suspect not...

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Voting for the way in which local services are administered is a great day for democracy.

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The people of HK can see the wolf in Lam's clothing.

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How about the legislative council elect their own prime minister from the majority party and run the city-state? Let Lam, the chief executive, be just a figurehead. Parliamentary systems are true representative democracies, not this wierd presidential system.

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Sounding like she and the rest of her puppets aren't planning to go quietly. They a d their masters are just hoping the protests fade away, which they won't. Expect more violent protests in order to get rid of them. I predict the army will take over in 3-6 months.

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Just found out people is "discontent" with the government? Did she live under a rock opr just too dump to see that?

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Hey Lady. Take the hint, And Go! Your time is up. Your Maters on the Mainland , do not like Losers.

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