In reversal, U.S. to leave about 400 troops in Syria

By Roberta Rampton and Idrees Ali

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Cue the mental gymnastics that Trump's opponents will play to spin this as all part of Putin's master plan.

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No mental gymnastics needed to see that leaving 400 troops in Syria is a huge win for Putin. It must have taken some amazing mental gymnastics to convince yourself otherwise.

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The size of the US “peacekeeping force” doubled from 200 to 400 in less than 24 hours. So really what’s happening is that our allies told us they’re leaving if we pull out. As a result the US is NOT pulling out of Syria as Trump promised. Another day, just another lie.

Perhaps Trump’s sudden announcement last December of US troops withdrawal from Syria aimed at getting rid of James Mattis, who was seen as the only adult in the room to keep the moron in check.

Trump must have known that Mattis was against such a move without consulting America’s allies. He was right about Mattis resigning in protest. He knew he could always backtrack on his decision later and keep some troops in Syria.

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Not rocket science. Trump wanted a shocking headline so he announced he will pull the troops out. Now things have died down he walks back.

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