Iran's foreign minister says Trump trying to fabricate pretext to attack Iran


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"Instead of fighting Covid

There's a long list of what Trump did instead of fighting Covid. If he'd show his most current tax info, the majority of Americans who still believe politicians shouldn't profit from inside knowledge and inside trading could see where while in office he invested his money and looked after his bank account - instead of looking out for the country and fighting Covid.

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If Joe Robinette Biden actually becomes president THATS when you’ll see war.

He will become president. The walls have closed in on the election fraud conspiracy theory.

What Biden does in terms of foreign policy will be a concern. My take is there is no appetite for war.

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I advise the White House evictee (Trump) not to turn the New Year into mourning for Americans

Using words such as “evictee” might not be in your best interests. It’s a little provocative for someone like Trump.

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There’s your bias.

'Media' is plural. There are as many ways to view any event as there are people concerned about the event. Here's what RT chose to report. The quote is probably an actual quote, but by reporting it shows what some might say is a 'bias'. So what?

Iran's president compares Trump to hanged Saddam, predicts US president may meet same fate

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zichiToday  07:33 am JST

Trump won't attack Iran during his final days in office. Totally consumed with his belief of voter fraud and left his Mar-a-Lago club early on Thursday without attending his New Year ball leaving paying guests very disappointed.

Just remember in January before CoVid-19 Trumpster was sassing off about a war with Iran. First he dismissed the effects of the Iranian missile hitting the US Army base in Iraq, then shot off his mouth stating that we were ready hit o hit Iran 'in 52 plaes'. That got put on the back burner when the 'hoax' began.

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So how does that jive with the Putin-Trump-Kuschner cabal you keep telling us about.

Simples. Trump needs money. He's waiting to see who'll give him the most money. Could be the global defense industries wanting war with Iran; Israel offering him and Jared more property to develop if 'he' attacks Iran; China to offer more business opportunities throughout their expanding empire to put the world in further disarray for them to capitalize on; Putin to offer him more development opportunities somewhere with Russia's expanding domain for the same reason. Maybe even just getting more money from his dues paying cult members. With Trump it's always follow the money.

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Thanks PT for pointing out that Russia is against the US bullying of Iran.

Russia and Iran are partners so it's to be expected the two authoritarian regimes would look out for each other.

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Flying aircraft over international airspace is legal. Russia, China, NATO do it all the time. It is part of training. Problems happen when legal boundaries are crossed, like when China and Russia overstep into Japanese or Taiwanese airspace.

USAF B-52 aircraft really can't get to the Persian Gulf without flyover access provided by a friendly nation. Reports say these 2 planes came from Minot, ND. They've flown 2 other similar missions in the last 45 days.

A senior U.S. military official told reporters ahead of the flight that a recent U.S. intelligence report indicates that Iran wants to "avenge that killing,” and has “potential for other more complex attacks” against Americans in Iraq

Other security steps have been taken in the region.

President Trump to threaten Iran via tweet. 

“Some friendly health advice to Iran: If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible. Think it over,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

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Mohammad Javad Zarif - please tell us something we don't know. Your country attacked a US embassy 4 days before Christmas, and you think USA need a pretext to teach your country a lesson?

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This is amusing. Trump spent 4 years in office studiously avoiding war and winding down US military involvement in already existing wars.

If Joe Robinette Biden actually becomes president THATS when you’ll see war.

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Trump will not be making any moves in Iran or anywhere else in the Middle East without getting approval from the Israeli right wing.

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