Ardern stays cool as earthquake rattles New Zealand capital


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I’m English so we don’t get earthquakes. But living here I will never get used to them and the always scare me.

Should help remind us just how small we are!

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I’m more worried about radiation. NZ doesn’t have out of date NPPs on massive faultlines.

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Impressive, one cool Prime Minister

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Jacinda Ardern is what a leader should be.

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The Beehive (NZ Parliament building) was built with a base isolation unit as it is home to NZ Civil Defense, which organizes the response to natural disasters and so the likes of this quake would be almost nothing there. It is designed to withstand the direct hit of even a magnitude 7.5 on the Wellington fault. The story seems a bit of a storm in a teacup given everything else which is going on right now.

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