New Zealand records first Covid-19 death in over 3 months


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A complete overreaction. The cluster in Auckland is contained and Ardern is simply making sure there is no further outbreak prior to the elections. This move is completely political.

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I think the overreaction is coming from you.

Kids still can go to school.

People can still go to work.

Limit gatherings up to 10 people in Auckland. Up to 100 in other cities.

Wear a mask on public transportation.

It all seems reasonable during these tough times of COVID-19. Better to be safe than sorry.

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There were 12 in Japan and more than 1,000 in the US on the same day.

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So there are no infections outside Auckland and a handful in the Waikato - yet the rest of the country needs to suffer from level 2 restrictions? A massive overreaction I am sorry to say.

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I am currently in Auckland and able to travel anywhere including going to meetings. Most people are wearing masks as @WiseOneIn Kansai points out and especially on public transport. Most people I talk to here are happy to be doing their part for the good of New Zealand as a whole including the use of the Covid-19 mobile tracking app. My Mother passed away while I am here (in her sleep) and at least we as a family were able to have a cremation (phew under 10!). I seems to me thats its very well managed and most people are proud of what the country has done together.

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@Akula - wasn't there one in Wellington yesterday or the day before? And one in Christchurch in an isolation facility?

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One death! House arrest for millions.

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This will go down as another mass hysteria when we look back in a few years

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the best intentions are the most deadly. deliberate acts of evil are at least in check when the threat of repurcussion manifest.

saying better to be safe than sorry perpetuates a lockdown( whether systematically enforced or not) that has given rise to the misery of millions of people throughout the world which has no doubt exceeded the misery the virus itself would have caused on its own without lockdown.

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also beware of this nz politician, who more likely than not is acting in the manner described in the article for the purpose of magnifying himself and increasing his chances for reelection; rather than hoist the interests and well-being of his constituency.

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Notice how those criticizing the actions in NZ aren’t Kiwis, and the Kiwis are supporting the actions in NZ?

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yet the rest of the country needs to suffer from level 2 restrictions? A massive overreaction I am sorry to say.

What level 2 restrictions are you so bothered about? Wearing a mask on public transport? No gatherings of more than 100 people?

Everyone I know is fine with them.

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