Prince Andrew sex claim scandal overshadows UK election campaign

By Michael Holden and Kylie MacLellan

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Andrew: "The thing you must understand is that I am entitled."

Andrew is living proof that money doesn't buy class or even decency.

It's concerning that the British tabloid press have been more focused on bashing Meghan & Harry, while the real threat to the Crown is Andrew.

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He showed no remorse, whatsoever. But then, royalty has used and abused people for centuries. This is just a modern day example.

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I think Prince Andrew is more eligible to succed the crown after Queen Elizabeth II, you know Charlie has no eligibility at all! So the scandal doesn't matter him at all, it is predicted!

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All bad stuff for the elitists and rich class. Randy Andy and Bozo have much in common when it comes to women.

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Caught with his pants down. It must be doubly embarrassing when you're world famous and a member of the Royal Family.

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Caught with his pants down.

Andrew having sex is NOT the issue. Andrew having sex with a young woman trafficked for him by his convicted paedophile and trafficker friend, then lying through his teeth about it all, is the issue.

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