Russia reports record daily rise in coronavirus cases

By Gleb Stolyarov

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Putin has warned the peak of the outbreak has yet to come, and authorities have said there could be a new spike in cases if the population flouts lockdown measures during long public holidays in early May.

What's the likelihood of Russian citizens armed with assault weapons invading a government building protesting the lockdown.

Waiting for the 'defy the lockdown, stand up for your rights' posts. People encouraging 'western' citizens to do that must also want Russian citizens to do so.

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Don Vlad in the early days almost laughed at other countries scrambling to react to coronavirus. Clearly he managed to change course with looking as big a twat as the moron in the Whitehouse. Or the moron in No.10.

Looks pretty bad in Russia from what we're reading and we know the Russian government will lie about the figures.

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So far the Russians have reportedly conducted just shy of 4 million tests or about a rate of 27,000 tests per million of their population.

According to the article 114,431 of those tests were positive for the Covid 19 virus, with the article going on to report a death toll of 1,169. Those numbers are outdated, the latest update shows 124,054 total cases with 1,222 total deaths. That's an increase of 9,623 cases and 53 deaths since the numbers in the article were published, one day ago.

So, 3,945,518 tests resulted in 124,054 positives and 3,821,464 negatives. That's roughly 3.14% positive and 96.86% negative. Of the 124,054 confirmed cases 1,222 people have succumbed to Covid related complications with 122,832 either recovered or in treatment. That's a death rate among confirmed cases of 0.985%.

Given Russia's population of around 146 million, there have been roughly 850 confirmed cases per million and 8 deaths. Going just by the numbers, Russians have a .085% chance of infection and a .0008% chance at death from the Covid 19 virus.

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