Scottish Nationalists float Labour alliance in return for independence vote


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Scoxit or Scotchit, is there a name for that already?

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Voted by a majority to remain.

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I have always supported a politically independent Scotland, none the less economically, the challenges are enormous, excluding North Sea oil revenue, the country has a deficit of £9.4 billion (5.7% of GDP). That's a total public spend in Scotland of £75.3 billion for 2018/19 (August) however total revenue raised £62.7 billion.

Scottish deficit record six times bigger than UK's last year.

If Nicola Sturgeon/SNP is going achieve a fully independent Scotland, Sturgeon will have to present a credible fiscal/economic case.

Under these circumstance Scotland would not qualify for membership of the European Union. That is without the thorny subject of the single currency. Scotland would not have to join on entry, however there would need to be plan/indication of when membership of the Euro would or could be accomplished.

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Scottish deficit record six times bigger than UK's last year.

Linking to a Tom Gordon article in the Herald is not exactly informative. It's like asking Boris Johnson his opinion on Jeremy Corbyn.

Here's another article, just for balance.

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Tom Gordon is a political economist, if such a term actually exists in reality. Tom Gordon has cherry picked the data, all estimates, then spun the political significance.

What GERS is asking us to believe is that with 8.2% of the UK population Scotland created between 54% and 60% of the UK deficit last year, depending on the basis used.

No it isn't, that is Tom Gordon opinion and interpretation. Tom Gordon is neither balanced, has not provided a full fiscal and monetary analysis.

I have had the GERS data for fifteen minutes when starting to write this.

This is the evidence. Tom Gordon started whacking away at his keyboard post-haste because he had already made up his mind politically, it was all a question of justifying that opinion with pseudo economic political waffle.

It takes at least thirty analysts three weeks minimum to run down the numbers.

Look this 2015 piece from the London School of Economics, gives a provable data analytical comparison to model up the consequential 2019 outcome. I spent 4 long years at the London School of Economics, gaining an finishing my Economics and Finance BSc (Hons).

If Scotland, is successful in any future Independence referendum, the SNP will need to build political bridges.

Nicola Sturgeon tone and demeanour, the constant vindictive whinging and harping is turning the English, Welsh and Peoples of Northern Ireland off.

All three remaining nations will be required to financially support the people of Scotland for between eight to ten years after independence to give the Scotland a fight chance. They will need to forgive or accept a substantial proposition of UK national debt. Also fully support Scotland retaining Sterling.

Actually I do not have problem with this, I don't do vindictive punishment for a people, for simply wanting to run there own affairs. It is called democracy.

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Sorry I mean Richard Murphy not Tom Gordon, long day a tad tired . I got the names backside about face.

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Sorry I mean Richard Murphy not Tom Gordon

No problem.

I did say I posted that link "for balance". Tom Gordon (the real one) is noted for his anti-SNP articles in the Herald. So two somewhat biased articles.

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No Sorry a bit snappy. Albaleo, a fourteen hour Saturday,

Frankly I didn't research Tom Gordon background as a journalist, I just crossed referenced the article figures with the official GER's report.

Worth remembering that all the reports numbers are estimates, some are questionable predictions.

I just reacting more to Nicola Sturgeon tactics and strategy.

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No Sorry a bit snappy.

Always great to see civility.

Albaleo, a fourteen hour Saturday,

お疲れ様。 You beat me by about 7 hours. Rest well tonight.

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Take control of their own affairs from England

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Independent Scotland.

Does the queen remain head of state or they will elect a president. The queens castles.

If the remain in the EU will have to accept the Euro.

The nuclear submarine base at Faslane and the nuclear power plant in the north.

The oil and gas. Disconnect the country of the power grid.

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