Sweden steps up pandemic restrictions in bid to avoid third wave

By Johan Ahlander

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Swedens handling of Covid has been a disaster. Even the King has stated that the government failed. Their death rate is over 10 times that of their neighbors, Norway and Finland, and 3 times that of Denmark. Swedens socialist-leaning government deserves to be punished at the next election for not showing duty of care toward their citizens. Shameful government.

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Better late than never, I guess. In future years, comparisons of the Swedish approach to that of it's near neighbors (also socialist-leaning, Fighto, so I don't know what your point is, there) will feature in epidemiology and public health text books.

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Even Sweden is waking up to reality. They already tried it their way - it didn't work

Herd immunity is uncontrolled immunization but in this case with more serious consequences (this is not a common cold where we know decades-worth of things about it and its treatment and long-term consequences) - ya don't get to choose who gets it, the time when, the place how, even the dreaded uncertainty of not knowing if ya even have it or not, and whom to pass it to, and most importantly don't actually know what the consequences are

The best bet is still vaccination, which is controlled immunization - ya get to know who gets it, at the time of their convenience, at the place of their own choosing, knowing with full certainty that your body is definitely fighting it, without having to pass it onto others, in a prepared safe environment

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