Taiwan to donate 10 mil masks to most needy countries

By Ben Blanchard

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Woo Hoo! Well done, TAIWAN !!

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I read they banned passengers from China on the 31st of December last year.

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It helps that they have a strained relationship with China, though. I don't suppose their populace would have tolerated anything less than a complete ban on mainland Chinese tourists right from the beginning of this crisis. They did get it right though and should take credit for that.

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Taiwan has done well with absolutely ZERO help from china, china-controlled WHO and the rest of the world.

Independence is not just a word for Taiwanese. It's a way of life.

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Taiwan to donate 10 mil masks to most needy countries

That is nice of Taiwan to donate masks to America and Europe, Both are very needy.

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Great job, Taiwan! Now, please make sure it is actual 'need', not paranoia.

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Wonderful gesture! Thank you Taiwan.

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Those countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan must be honored by making them the first priority for these humanitarian aid .

They steadfastly stood for Taipei even when America and the so-called EU democratic powers together with Japan, Australia , NZ, ASEAN etc all obeyed and kowtowed to the dictatorship in Beijing by refusing to give diplomatic recognition to the democratic Island Republic. .

In parallel the government of President English Tsai must also donate face masks to the people of Taiwan instead of selling them a very limited number of face masks per week resulting to long lines which is very dangerous !

IMHO it's a bit shameful that those countries that da-kine freely choose to have full diplomatic relations with China but slapped the face of the TW 'se people by adamantly refusing to even support Taipei's entry into the WHO and the UN are now singing praise and crocodile smiles BUT still refuses to diplomatically recognize the Island of High Peaks!

Therefore it should be 7 million masks for Taiwan's allies and the Taiwanese people instead of the other way around!

I'm sure China would naturally be willing to donate a billion face masks to each of these severely affected countries since they enjoy full diplomatic love! Right Xi?

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