Top U.S. diplomat for East Asia calls China 'lawless bully'

By David Brunnstrom and Patricia Zengerle

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This is one of the few areas where I support Trump, but I wish he would focus more on building a coalition to go after China rather than wasting the weight of our allies.

I could not agree with the above remark more.

I believe should the US had a tough stance on China's illegal expansion in the Southeast Asia Sea like the way the current US government has demonstrated, Beijing probably had not successfully built many artificial islands as we have witnessed today.

Regardless of who would win the coming US election, I wish that the next US government should realise without the vital supports of its allies, the US cannot win an all-out war with China in case these two rivals cannot escape Thucydides's trap.

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Stilwell said Washington would continue to advance engagement with Taiwan, which China views as a lawless province, and provide it with arms to ensure it could defend itself...

Are you serious? this "provide "means sell, do you think Taiwan can protect itself by purchasing some 80 f16 fighters and 120 missles? If the US is really nice to Taiwan, it should sign a "mutual defense treaty "with Taiwan instead of all the useless words!

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"These are not the actions of a responsible global actor, but a lawless bully," he said.

An accusation just as easily made against the United States. You don't have to like China's government or the way it's behaving to see the American hypocrisy here.

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Both countries are anti the ICC, hard to know which one is worst.

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I certainly like to see how the world would be when China is big brother. And it's really only the matter of time. I'm sure people won't be complaining.

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Actually this isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, this is a case of the ash calling the kettle dirty.

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America - takes one to know one. Remember, the man-child admires dictators like Putin, Kim and Xi (until the third one declined to help him with the US elections). He even agrees with putting Uighurs in prison camps.

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Suppression and "take" is pretty much the same as invasion.

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China has not invaded anybody in a long time ?

Tibet ? Ask theHongkong people, those born from Hk born parents if they feel Chinese. The PLA moved in with a big intimidation show. Taiwan is treatened fore decades and every rock in the ocean they call theirs.

we are lucky at least on this matter that President Trump is stopping them. And that EmperorXi went for it 3 to 5 years too early.

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The denial is strong with this one and his followers. I strongly disapprove of Chinese actions in Tibet, actions against the Uighurs, actions against Taiwan and attempting to claim sovereignty of reefs by dumping dirt on them and building bases, but China has not invaded anybody in a long time while the U.S. has long list of recent invasions and blatant violations of other countries' national sovereignty. A LOT of innocent people have died at the hands of the U.S. government and military or have been kidnapped and tortured. None of that is better for having an American flag on it rather than a Chinese one.

Criticism of China is great but if Americans cannot criticize the evil actions of their own then what good is it? Its only self-serving.

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This is one of the few areas where I support Trump, but I wish he would focus more on building a coalition to go after China rather than wasting the weight of our allies.

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No question in my mind an authoritarian state like China's got so big it's making its own rules. Empires throughout history have done whatever they can get away with militarily and commercially. As a believer in democracy and the sovereignty of individual nations, China's empire scares me. As does Russia's and the USA's. Also wannabe empires Turkey and Iran.

But speaking of 'lawless bullies' did the US 'empire' (when its military is stationed in 150 foreign countries, it's pretty hard to deny it's an empire) follow 'laws' (whatever that means) invading Vietnam, Panama, Grenada (the one we won!), Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.?

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I agree with the statement. It is shocking how China tries to use this Covid 19 tragedy for their benefit. China caused all this mess and instead of humbleness and sincere approach to help affected countries they just bully everybody.

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Preach on!

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Would have to agree with Stilwell's comments, except perhaps for the "one China" remark.

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Pot. Kettle. Black.

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He could have a point...

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