Trump says Boris Johnson would be 'very good' as next UK prime minister

By David Milliken

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U.S. President Donald Trump threw his weight behind Boris Johnson's campaign to be Britain's next prime minister and urged all candidates to pledge to boost defence spending, in a striking intervention ahead of his state visit next week.

Geez, being endorsed by Putin's Poodle, Kim's fellow lover, and the guy who endorsed mall-cruiser Roy Moore - Boris must be ecstatic....

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How not to get elected - endorsed by Trump

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Its true. Boris is just stupid, dishonest and incompetent enough for Trump to think he has all the qualities it takes to lead a country.

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I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent," Trump told the Sun newspaper

Trump talking to sewer-level Murdoch tabloid trash about a opportunistic, incompetent liar.

Fancy that.

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I'm fairly certain that Donald will find new and unique ways to embarrass us during this visit. It's the one true skill he has. 

Trump is so hated in England that they are putting up a wall to keep the Brits out of the US Ambassador's residence in order to protect Trump.

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Trump interfering in British politics to influence the result is bad form. Bolton too also stated America supported Brexit.

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Lying, overweight philanderers stick together.

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Next thing we know, Trump will retroactively endorse Vlad the Impaler as leader of Romania.

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This intervention is surely designed to weaken Boris’ leadership bid by making him less electable.

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Trump might enjoy throwing his weight around, but the result could be quite random and unexpected.

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He told the Sun

Trump is so classy.

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"I think Boris would do a very good job. I think he would be excellent,"

Boris’ competitors are bad and terrible.

Trump has the best words. He is a very stable genius.

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Trump does not even know who is Boris and he does not care about him or UK for a second.

Just a tweet maniac!

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”Trump" and ”The Sun" in the same breath just about sums up both of them.

Trump was surprised to learn Meghan voted against him and won't be joining her husband Harry for lunch with Trump and the queen. Harry will attend.

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Trump has the best words. He is a very stable genius.

We all know that. To quote him exactly:

I know words, I have the best words.

Lucky. Just imagine if we had a man with an incredibly limited vocabulary, of limited intellect and prone to tenor tantrums in the White House. Wouldn't that be awful?

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