Trump submits written answers to questions from special counsel: Giuliani

By Karen Freifeld

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Dear Mr. Mueller,

I did not do any of those things you said I did. Crooked Hillary did it all.

No puppet, no puppet, you're the puppet.

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The funny part is that Trump had his fans absolutely convinced he was going to walk into an interview with Mueller and talk circles around him. It's was just so painfully obvious that Trump would never meet him. Trump's people distributed the "perjury trap" talking point and Trump's fans spread it on message boards, but these are the same people who were sure that Trump would walk right in there and talk in the first place.

Trump last summer denied knowing about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians, who had promised damaging information about Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

It's not just the fact that they all lied about the meeting, they seem genuinely offended that anyone would be concerned about their lying, like this is all some kind of pain in the rear for them and they're tired of talking about it. "So we lied several times and met them, so what, nothing happened, let's just drop it."

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