Trump may block U.S. citizens, permanent residents coming home if coronavirus infection suspected

By David Shepardson and Ted Hesson

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Stupid? Yes

Unworkable? Yes

Red meat for the trogs? Yes

Yep. That's Republican for ya.

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This is so dumb. Complete interpretative questions on 'reasonably'. Since the president is hardly reasonable, this has no meaning.

A viral petri dish telling safer people we'll keep you out. It's the other way around, but the lack of logic with the double think president is nothing new. Few people, unless necessary, want to go back to the states, anyways, with the poor preventative measure Trump has handled like a total fool.

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And if they're certain etni cities or religions Trump don't want them here and he'll use the virus as an excuse.

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Knowing Trump's US has the most infections and probably deaths in the world, this is thumbs up aimed at Trump's less than skeptical sycophants and Tweeter followers.

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This proposed order is in complete denial of the current situation of Coronavirus in the United States. I’m not sure if people inside the US realize how bad their situation is compared to the rest of the first world.

This order seems to presuppose that the US is some kind of safe zone that others will be scrambling to enter. This is hardly the case.

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Guaranteed if Biden was considering this move, everyone here criticizing this would say Biden is taking the coronavirus problem seriously.

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And if they're certain etni cities or religions Trump don't want them here and he'll use the virus as an excuse.

I wish liberals would make up their mind. If Trump doesn’t close in the country he’s bad, now if Trump bars people from foreign countries that are American citizens to come back, he’s bad. So either way when Trump does something it never pleases liberals no matter how good it is. Democrats are the ones that don’t care about people, they want to keep the country lock down until after the election at the minimum, if Biden becomes president then the next day they’ll lift all restrictions, we know what’s up.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

It's okay to send kids back to school but not okay to let US citizens back into their own country?

This has Stephen Millers **** fingerprints all over it.

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