Turkey says France could become target for backing Syria Kurds


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One NATO ally threatening another NATO ally. Bizarre.

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Turkey is now Islam oriented. No come back since fanatics are in power.

Threatening a country that tries to help you is a loser way.

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One NATO ally threatening another NATO ally. Bizarre.

Border lines are being re-drawn and allegiances shifted. Dictator Erdogan wants to skip over Ataturk's secularism and return to Ottoman days.

Does France want a return to the post-WW1 days when it helped carve up large parts of MENA and had greater control over Syria and nearby lands?

And could it be possible France (maybe more accurately, Total) wants more of the oil and gas in what should be Kurdistan.

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NATO, what a joke.

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we cannot allow terrorists to roam freely (in northern Syria), Erdogan said.

So recall your Turkish terrorists back to Turkey.

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The UN and the ICC are both impotent when it comes to Tukiyes invasion of Syria resulting to the killings of Kurdish women and children.

The ICC in particular Miss Fatouh only preys on poor countries like Myanmar and the Philippines.

Heck, the UN can't even do anything about da-kine sexual harassment allegations pointed at the direction of its very own Dr. Luiz Loures by no less than three female UN employees!

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Turkey should leave NATO.


NATO should expel Turkey.

If the NATO allies should ever have to fight against a common foe, present day Turkey could not be trusted to support NATO's efforts. Present day Turkey may even chose to actively undermine NATO's efforts.

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