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U.S. to arm Syrian Kurds battling Islamic State despite Turkish opposition


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Turkey has been a pretty unreliable ally and has become more and more autocratic under Erdogan. There is a good chance the Kurds would be much better friends to the US.

If Erdogan doesn't want the USA to arm the Kurds .... then he should have done more to stop fighters from crossing into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Why hasn't Turkey done more to fight ISIS?

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Despite the awful track record of betting on the wrong horse, the us continues the same way expecting different outcome, madness no? This will only push turkey further right. Especially seeing as erdog just became dictator supreme!!

then he should have done more to stop fighters from crossing into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Why hasn't Turkey done more to fight ISIS?

Its because those dessert thugs were inadvertently propped up by america and its mistresses saudi et al. Question to you is why america stood by and watched those vile crooks decimate a nation while plastering their propaganda online?

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First, alienate Turkey and send them into Russia's arms.

Into Russia's arms for even more deaths and even greater military failure? Russia's been directly involved (leading the Syrian military?) for the last two years (roughly). Given their extensive involvement, there's still no end in sight for the messes they're helping perpetuate. Russia wants a naval base and a pipeline, but it's time for Russia to cut losses and go back home to sort our its own problems.

Like the US, Saudi Arabia (and their Gulf partners), Iran, Turkey, EU nations and all outside powers involved, Russia should get out of Syria. End all forms of colonialism.

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First, Russia has had a naval base in Tartus on Syria's Mediterranean coast - or at least access to port facilities - since 1971. Nothing new there.

Second, whoever arms the Kurds had better prepare for a Kurdish Genocide on a par with the Armenian Genocide of 100 years ago. Armed Kurds on Turkey's border has been and will continue to be considered a threat to Turkish statehood by that government.

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Between Turkey and Syrian Kurds, who would you choose for friends?

Turkey has been trying to play both sides. Turkey is not gonna run to Russia's arms - that's just their ploy to play both sides. If they run to Russia's arms, they'll gonna lose that capability to play both sides. Don't fall for that ploy.

About time Turkey is played by both sides

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Them gun will be used on Erdogan.

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