U.N. sets up human rights probe into Gaza killings, to Israel's fury


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A country that calls itself a democracy, yet practices legal discrimination based upon State-determined ethnic identity, and illegally occupies territory viewed by the international community as the future home of the state of Palestine.

What could possibly go wrong?

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If the world were fair, world leaders would be calling for regime change in Tel Aviv.

But the world is not fair, Israel's Arab neighbors face sanctions when someone stubs a toe during a protest, but Israel is apparently free to open fire upon children and teenagers.

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The Human Rights Council in 2018 is a joke. Just looked over the list and over 50% have no standing at all around "human rights".

Govt corruption, no free speech, political detentions, and leaders who refuse to step down after their term has ended are a few of the complaints against the HRC members.

The HRC has made 78 resolutions against Israel which is more than against the rest of the world. The Islamic Conference sponsors most of those resolutions and has forced the HRC to review Israel actions at every meeting. It has been called "a pathological obsession with Israel".

A specific HRC mission found that there was evidence that "Palestinian armed groups committed war crimes, as well as possibly crimes against humanity, in their

repeated launching of rockets and mortars into Southern Israel".

Basically, Israel is protecting itself and has implemented prior suggestions around Gaza.

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We'd like to hear the reasoning behind USA and Australia's rejection of this investigation. Were the massacre not factual?

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The territory has been run by Hamas since 2007, during which time Israel has fought three wars against the militant group, which denies Israel's right to exist.

First off, I would say the Israeli regime is much more a "militant group" than Hamas.

Second, they always insert that "denies Israel's right to exist" bit in any article about this conflict. All it really means is that they do not accept the fact that someone has taken land away from Palestine and handed it over to the zionists, without any authority to do so.

We'd like to hear the reasoning behind USA and Australia's rejection of this investigation. Were the massacre not factual?

Yeah, I'd like to know that too. But their excuses were likely the same as the American statement during a recent emergency UNSC meeting to discuss the Gaza situation:

Basically Haley's statement went something like this:

"...unbalanced ... one-sided ... Iran... Iran ... Hamas... Iran...Russia..."

Another 14 countries, including Britain, Germany and Japan, abstained.

Shame on them for not agreeing to a probe into these murders of unarmed civilians, including several children.

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Israel should be taking the high road instead of always taking the low one.

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Lets be plain here. This has nothing to do with religion; this has nothing to do with ant-Semitism, nothing to do with Jews but, everything to with a nation called ISRAEL and the ISRAELI population. This has to do with the State of Israel, which is the American proxy in the Middle-East and is being supported by the US, in the name of the American people, in the murder and genocide of a defenceless Palestinian population. Either, the American people support the murder and genocide of men, women and children or the American people have lost control of their government, a government they have elected. The rest of the world is too afraid of displeasing the US to intervene and help these people, which for too long have been used for target practice by the Israeli army. The UN is of no help because its members have been coerced and threated into inaction by the US. Not only the American people, but the people of the world should be ashamed of letting the US government and their proxy Israel carry out these atrocities. What future do humans deserve when they have lost their humanity?

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The one thing that level of bile and the degree of demonization of Palestinians in general, and the ANC, oops, Hamas in particular, that the mouthpieces of the Israeli regime and its supporters spew forth makes clear is that they know what the Israeli regime has done, and continues to do, is well beyond bad.

If you have to portray the other guys as that bad to make yourself look like the good guy in comparison in your own eyes, you AREN'T the good guy.

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Israel has nothing to fear, whatever the to UN Human Rights Council finds Nikki Haley has the answer "It's all Hamas' fault".

Whatever resolution the UN suggests US will veto it.

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Of course Israel is furious -- they don't want to have to admit they are doing to others what was done to them ages ago, because it's harder to claim victimhood and get carte blanche from the US to keep carrying out massacres on women and children based on their ethnicity.

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