Up to six cases of Manaus variant of coronavirus detected in UK


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"The important thing to remember is that COVID-19, no matter what variant it is, spreads in the same way. That means the measures to stop it spreading do not change," Hopkins said.


So, there is no need to panic unless there is a greater risk of fatalities ie the strain is more dangerous.

All three of the Scottish cases were identified in people who returned to the country via Paris and London who self-isolated for the required period of 10 days.

Maybe, the passengers picked up the infection in Paris?

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Why is every variant being reported like big news? Viruses mutate. Fact of nature. Hope is it doesn’t mutatate in ways that negate the vaccine. Like flu.

‘my guess is we will soon see the need to vaccinate annually or so, also just like the flu.

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Tokyo also has its own variant. also DW news has reported that there are people that have been infected with 2 different strains at the same time. Hopefully those won't lead to a really deadly strain.

Basically, as long as the vaccines work and they get to people on time we can beat this. We do have to hurry before we start to see more deadly strains that are more contagious and on which current vaccines don't work.

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