Yellow vest demonstrators, police clash in Paris


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Cant blame them, sure it's up to people to decide on how they choose to spend their own money, yet just how many of the problems could be solved in the world if these "rich" folks would be willing to help out.

1 billion US raised in about 24 hours for a church. Food for thought

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The French government should considering listening to its own people instead of shooting bullets at its citizens.

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Six months of weekend violence and no end in sight, shows how fragile is a calm society, and I agree, shocking how easy to raise money, for some old building, for some religion that is supposed to care for people, especially at Easter, hopefully wouldn't happen in Japan.

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Good luck with your socialism experiment.

Workers and citizens demanding better working and living conditions has nothing to do with socialism.

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It should read Macon orders police to violently attack ordinary citizens with batons, bullets and chemical weapons, blowing offhands and poking their eyes out.

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There are more than 8 millions of French people who are living with less than 1,000 euro monthly. And they are seeing top rich families donating millions of euro like they were peanuts. This huge gap between the rich ones and the poors is sick. And if the poors protest, they are arrested and beaten.

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When is the US going to declare this an humanitarian crisis (like it has in Venezuela) and put sanctions on Macron and plan invasion of France?

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Am actually surprised the yellow vests movement isnt spreading (I mean, not that much) across Europe/the western world considering the situation in france is not as bad as most developed countries (rest of the EU, us, uk, oz, japan etc) when it comes to poverty levels/inequalities. Many/most french ppl i know work 35h/week, have 7/8 weeks paid vacation, free edu/healthcare etc.

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@Gokdorak: also in Italy we have free education, free healthcare, etc. While these things can look "impressive" for the Americans, for most of Western Europe they are "normal". But our living standards started to become always worse because of many EU mistakes. In France they are protesting because they have still the pro-EU Macron, in Italy we voted for parties that are against many EU views. It's obvious we are not protesting, this is the government most Italians want right now. Italy sent a strong signal to the EU that the current EU must change AND listen to the citizens, or it won't survive. It's also a stronger signal than these French protests.

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Good luck with your socialism experiment.

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