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'Designed by clowns': Boeing releases internal messages that disparage 737 MAX, regulators

By David Shepardson

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You've got to be kidding me. This shows a very bad company culture, and is scary to be forced to fly in their planes.

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This is what happens when companies get too powerful and are focused primarily on shareholder returns and not their products.

It is disappointing that a whistleblower did not come forward sooner.

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The most frustrating thing is that these messages prove that Boeing was lying the whole time and yet idiots still believe the nonsense that companies put out in press releases.

It's like the Enron emails all over again, and it's only going to get worse and worse.

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woah, didnt realize it was that bad... I am not flying on one again.

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It's the Republican mantra: allow industries to regulate themselves. From pesticides to fracking to aerospace, the GOP sees all governmental oversight as a burden.

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This is larger than Rebublican or Democrat, two words which should be banned from this thread. There are some other words beginning with D and T and N and L which I will not mention.

Corporate culture criticism, yes, political grandstanding, no, IMHO.

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Corporations need to be strictly and thoroughly regulated by the government. How obvious is that?!?

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This is the result of a bunch of ex-GE (Jack Walsh trained numbers guys seeking efficiencies) guys coming into senior management positions, rather than the traditional engineers who actually know the airline business and understand why you don't always go for the cheapest supplier.

Unfortunately, the new CEO's background is as an ex-GE accountant and then hedge fund manager.

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CEO was canned but will end up with at ;least a 25 mil payoff, possibly double that.  Disgraceful.

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The most effective solution is for all airline passengers to query what aircraft when buying a ticket and make it cleat to the airline that you will not fly one of these planes. If enough are losing enough business they have the financial clout to require changes, primarily by dumping that aircraft.

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Sadly you will not know which plane you'll be boarding until the last moment as airline companies generally reserve the right to change aircraft without notice.

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I'll probably avoid that plane for a couple of years even if it gets approved eventually

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In particular, some of the communications reveal efforts by Boeing to avoid making pilot simulator training - an expensive and time-consuming process - a requirement for the 737 MAX.

This is at the core of all of this, isn´t it? Cost-cutting at the expense of safety. Not a good image for a plane manufacturer.

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It's the Republican mantra: allow industries to regulate themselves.

Ah yes. We just HAVE turn this into US party political bickering, do we. Any way we can bring in orange man into this? I am waiting.

(what is the smily for "groan"...)

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Boeing is suffering from the same disease as the LDP:

Complacency and the idea that they can get away with anything.

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Quite a few in upper management should be locked up for negligence. Training on an iPad?? Are you kidding?

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Sounds like there's a cultural problem at Boeing, and one that doesn't listen to their workforce.

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I see all the experts are commenting.

The flight dynamics teams should have seen the issues. The pilots doing the aircraft validation and simulator validation should have seen the issues. All of them should have reported it. The fact that critical changes to the ways a few flight regimes needed to be handled weren't mentioned anywhere, it a huge failure.

All Boeing employees should have spoken up? All Mexicans are criminals? These are effectively the same statements. Both untrue.

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All Boeing employees should have spoken up? All Mexicans are criminals? These are effectively the same statements. Both untrue.

....and nobody said either. Well, we all lover our strawmen...

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Boeing seems to illustrate an toxic organizational culture that I’ve sadly seen elsewhere.

These are the sorts of organization that will and should lose out as time goes by. Frankly more check box regulation and compliance will only make it worse.

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This is an example of American corporate capitalism taken to the extreme. Shameful.

As for the CEO, instead of a golden parachute, he should have gotten an indictment.

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