Ahead of UK visit, Trump praises Brexit-supporting 'friends' Johnson and Farage

By Steve Holland and Guy Faulconbridge

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Morons love each other.

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Cozying up to Trump when he shoots his mouth off in the UK will not enhance the popularity of the shambolic Bojingo or any of the other motley crew of right-wing nutters. Corbyn should seize any chance to put the POTUS in his place and boost his sagging profile with the British electorate who for the most part have a visceral antipathy to the dumbass orange blob.

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Our apologies to our friends in the UK - we have to put up with Donnie the Dimwit every day. Just hold your nose for the duration of the trip and he'll be gone.

Feel free to fly the Man-baby balloon high though - 75% of Americans agree with you. It's only those with PDS - Putin Devotion Syndrome - that like and support this Impostor of a President. And like North Koreans, their brain-washed devotion can't be changed.

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We'll get much more of his potty mouth tweets than during his visit to Japan. Unlike the Obama state visit, Trump hasn't been invited to speak at the parliament.

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I had been hoping the Duke of Edinburgh would be DT’s chauffeur around London.

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Trump doesn’t know his arse from his elbow about any issues apart from the few bullet points he can remember.

He’s done the right thing by just going with the friends line.

Fair play to him.

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Trump calling one a friend, one better keeps quiet about it.

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What a surprise.

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