Biden forms panel to study possible U.S. Supreme Court expansion

By Andrew Chung and Steve Holland

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Do it.

And get rid of the filibuster.

The GOP minority cannot be allowed to continue to obstruct democracy and functioning government.

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They just made Biden a one term President, suits me just fine.

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Biden promised in October, late in the presidential election campaign, to establish the commission 

Another campaign promise met. And he did so without saying Mexico will pay for it.

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Biden calls out the abuse of the fillibuster last year (failed to mention it was Democrats "obstructing"), dodged this court packing question for most of his campaign. Tearing these down doesn't make me pleased, regardless of who is doing it.

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They just made Biden a one term President, suits me just fine.

That’s it. The reverse seer has spoken. Carve it in stone, two terms.

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That’s it. The reverse seer has spoken. Carve it in stone, two terms

Well, not like this. House is first, watch the domino effect. Let’s see if Joe Manchin really keeps to his word, so he punted Biden on Dem authoritative overreach

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House is first, watch the domino effect.

The GOP is going to bring about an orange wave by focusing on the evils of mail-in ballots, transgender bathrooms, censorship of Dr. Seuss books, and the persecution of Matt Gaetz.

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This is disconcerting, but the natural progression of both parties degrading the institutions that underpin our democratic republic.

If Biden expands the SC, the republicans will do the same when/if they retake power. This cycle will continue until our government is in shambles.

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This, like ending the filibuster, was something that was unthinkable to me in the past. But seeing the current state of the GOP, it's something that should be considered. Let's face it...the GOP has proven, especially with Garland, that they have no problem creating rules on the spot to keep power for themselves at all costs.

It's time for Democrats to stop pretending Republicans will self-police themselves out of shame. McConnell broke the system to benefit his party and at night he sleeps like a baby. With the reality of minority rule playing out right before our very eyes, it's time to rethink things.

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