Britain says unionist anger over Brexit deal could put Northern Ireland 'in quite a dangerous place'

By Guy Faulconbridge

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Regarding this line above: "Northern Ireland, a British province." Correction: No it is not.

The truth is Britain occupies 2/3rds of an 'Irish province' called Ulster and the British call it "Northern Ireland".

Britain not only consult with and have not banned Loyalist paramilitary groups such as the UDA but the UDA actually have shop-fronted offices brazenly operation on high streets, such as on the Newtownards Road with actual "UDA battalion" references on signs outside. Utterly incredible.

The British double-standards in "Northern Ireland" are outrageous and legendary of course. Unlike the British government, the EU acknowledge that such threats from violent Loyalists (who don't stand for election btw) must be counter-balanced with the fact that the other half of the population vote for Sinn Fein (who do stand for elections-but refuse to sit in the British parliament).

lastly, any goods that the always moaning Loyalists claim they ccant get from Britain can be sourced from only a few away miles in the south of Ireland with no customs or documentation required. Its just their determined petty bigitroy against the south, and Catholics in the north, that drives them to demand that they source goods from Britain. This time they are just cuting off their nose to spite their face.

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Young people just see poverty, anger and lockdowns. What could go wrong?

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