British Airways, Air France halting flights to Iran from next month


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Atrocious, EU. How timid you are to allow your businesses to be intimidated by Trump's sanctions against Iran. You are losing business, you are losing jobs, you are not supporting your people. England and France should bow their heads in disgust for their inaction. Surely you not going to allow this criminal, liar, president of the U.S. to tell you what to do, how to run your country, who you can do business with in the world an who you can not. I was hoping you would stand up and counter Trump's actions. Of course we are worse off as our Congress won't get up from their chairs and do something like impeach Trump. But then that is our problem. But, I am still counting on you.

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@The Avenger: Same could be said for every airline in the World that bowed to Beijing's demand that they rename Taiwan on their maps. Most businesses will chose the cowardly route if their profit margin is threatened.

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Iran is not worth it. No amount of padding their economy will change the corruption of the Iranian government. My coworker was just telling me about how an Iranian well connected to Iran's government officials was discovered to have $300 million held in an overseas account. Another was the son of an Iranian official with $600 million in their account. There are plenty of them with more money than any Iranian citizencould ever make for generations.

The average Iranian can't even get medication in a hospital, because guess where all the outside money goes once the naïve bleeding heart foreign western governments keep trying to financially support the Iranian people by throwing money at the problem without paying attention to WHERE the money is going in the long run.

The same co-worker keep saying the same thing, don't give money to Iran, because it will never be distributed properly with the current regime in place.

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@honest. if there were no sanctions, people can buy things and trade and go on holiday. no corruption.

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