Canada extends ban on travel with U.S.

By David Ljunggren

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Perrin Beatty is a former Canadian government cabinet minister. Same party as Trudeau Jr. Seems old guys who have been there, done that, know more than drama teachers. And, while I'm on the topic, his moustache and goatee are second-rate to mine. And mine's 40 years old.

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Might as well put out notice that no Americans are allowed in Canada. The USA needs to block Canadians from entering the USA.

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There is a lot of anti-American sentiment in areas were the ruling party has its base. The ruling regime is hoping to force an election in the fall and needs to anti-American votes to try to eek out some gains.

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@proxy, they realize the damage being done to Canada American relations? The door opens both ways. As much as I hate to admit it am considered an American by Canada. I have to stand with the country of my residence.

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Bold stance. 75% of the population ignores that for people under age 40, Covid isn't often serious at all. Also, blocking fully vaccinated visitors seems short-sighted too. Political correctness for a the rest of the year is going to decimate the Canadian economy.

Canadian truck drivers have been getting free vaccinations in ND and other northern states as a way to speed up the border economy on both sides. Of course, ND and Canadian border with that state isn't exactly Toronto with millions of people trying to cross.

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Luckily for Canada it will be summer and they can go outdoors and enjoy their beautiful country.

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can do that, the left would call it "(something)-ist or (something)-phobic" and wouldnt let Biden do it.

The USA needs to block Canadians from entering the USA.

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If Americans are banned in Canada then Canadians need to be banned in the USA. It is called reciprocation in relations. If Canada is worried they can require vaccination.

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Seems a sensible decision to this Canuck, we ALL worldwide need to sit tight for at least another 6mths & re-evaluate along the way!

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GWToday  12:02 pm JST

Seems a sensible decision to this Canuck, we ALL worldwide need to sit tight for at least another 6mths & re-evaluate along the way!

I would love to go exploring Canada again like I did in July 2019 but the US sure isn't ready either and the pressure has been worse, never mind all the unrest a certain quisling scumbag caused, resulting in half a million deaths.

Canada is taking the best route. Better safe than sorry.

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GW over 1/2 of all Americans are vaccinated. Why keep them out of Canada? The Canadian vaccination program is a disaster..

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The Canadian vaccination program is a disaster..

Um, actual Americans who matter disagree with you:

For months now, noted American cardiologist and researcher Eric Topol has been keenly following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines around the world. And he can't say enough good things about his northern neighbour's fast and sudden rise to the top.

His frequent praise for Canada can be found on Twitter, including a recent tweet lauding the country for "pulling away, setting a new pace and ceiling for 1st dose vaccinations of major countries."

And why does he say that:

According to online research publication Our World in Data, Canada has just nudged out Israel to top the global pack, having doled out at least one dose to more than 64 per cent of its citizens. Israel, now trailing Canada, has given first doses to 63 per cent of its citizens.


Once again we have a poster who didn't bother to take the 30 seconds to google and fact-check themselves.

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Strangerland the USA is over 50 percent with 2 doses. Did not know Canada was doing so well. Last I heard from CBN it was going to be next year. So why keep out vaccinated Americans?

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So why keep out vaccinated Americans?

Canada is trying to manage it's own covid problem before letting in new people who may bring it with them.

There is your answer.

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the USA is over 50 percent with 2 doses.


As of 6 a.m. EDT June 16, a total of 146,456,124 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 44.1 percent of the country's population, according to the CDC's data.


Under 50%.

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