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China warns foreign companies not to engage in politics over Xinjiang

By Cate Cadell

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Xu repeatedly rejected accusations of genocide and human rights abuses in the region

Who believes anything from all the lies which comes out of a CCP idiots mouth!

As more sanctions China receives, the better it is.

15 ( +18 / -3 )

If covid never happened the CCP would have kept their mouths shut and we would not have got this preview of their intention to dominate and riducule the rest of the world.

Another 20 years would have sealed the deal for them but if everyone boycotts Chinese manufacturing now we have a chance to turn the tide.

12 ( +14 / -2 )

Yep, cotton picked by slave labour..... that is the regime our globalist elites want to support and be dependent on.

-5 ( +6 / -11 )

Wrong analogy, Xu - "It’s not reasonable. It's like lifting a stone to drop it on one's own feet," said Xu Guixiang, government spokesman.

We think they’re more concerned about “what’s under those stones” being overturned”.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

Who cares what this evil dictator says. Western consumers and companies are right to raise concerns about the concentration camps, genocide and slave labor of innocent Muslims. China will be the loser ultimately, when foreign companies refuse to do business with them.

Any foreign company that does not have a road map for the complete withdrawal from China, is complicit in the genocide of these Muslims, the worst genocide since Nazi Germany.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

"I don't think a company should politicize its economic behavior,"

Ironic as the Chinese government politicizes its economic behavior.

16 ( +16 / -0 )

“I don't think a company should politicize its economic behavior,"

Maybe YOU don’t “think so” mate, but companies and individuals do actually live in a politicized world and are influenced by the issues of our time so you can’t exactly tell them to stop just because you want them to.

The more China takes this simpletons approach of “shut your mouth, or else”, the harder it is going to be for anyone who actually caves to their demands of self censorship to stay legitimate in the eyes of its customers and consumers.

You have to wonder if the CCP is deliberately alienating itself from the international community by some sort of strategic plan. I thought it was supposed to be seen as a new and emerging force of peace, cooperation and trade?

This all just reeks of either self sabotage, a sign the country is turning inwards or complete and utter doublethink!

Wtf chuck?

10 ( +10 / -0 )

Pull the plug on china now

8 ( +9 / -1 )

With the hard times due to the pandemic, it might actually be the good time to get less and less dependent from China.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

None of us would be able to afford a change of clothes. Prices would escalate, we'll protest in the streets for cheaper clothing and goods

Not true, one of two things could happen. Companies could be called out for their greed mongering ways and outsourcing manufacturing/customer support while charging insanely high mark ups vs cost to manufacture. And the CCP's China isn't the only country where manufacturing can be done cheaply. For decades, many overseas companies have been sending business to China under the CCP for their bottom line and lack of worker support/environmental regulation etc. As long as the CCP is being fed by these fools, they've become the way they are now.

I think many of us are in agreement that without the CCP, and a more democratic/human rights supporting government, China would not be as it is now but better. The CCP is a party before country, society, dignity mentality. The CCP elite call the shots and desire unchecked control over everyone and everything if they could have the chance.

Time for the world to starve the CCP.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Plus the CCP needs to be called to task before the WTO for exploiting their trade status.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

None of us would be able to afford a change of clothes. Prices would escalate, we'll protest in the streets for cheaper clothing and goods

Not entirely true. My footwear, with the exception of one pair of walking shoes made in Vietnam are made in the US (Danner, Justin, New Balance). Most of my clothing comes from Latin America, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and in some cases the US. My gardening gloves are from Taiwan. So are my water hose spray nozzles. The hoses themselves are made in the US. My watches are Swiss. My phone is from Malaysia. My next computer will be from a company in Virginia called Velocity Micro. The only two components made in China are the plastic case and battery. Everything else is sourced in the US or Taiwan, and this isn't more costly than a new top of the line MacBook. I read labels and if it says Made in China I set it down and buy from somewhere else.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Little by little Xi Jinping is turning much of the world against China. Until his ascension to power much of the world viewed China quite favorably and in some case had a higher regard for China than for the US. Xi Jinping has almost single handedly managed to turn this around and alienate China's former friends and business partners.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Yep, cotton picked by slave labour..... that is the regime our globalist elites want to support and be dependent on.

A statement that is apparently not informed by the little detail that is their own company managers and/or shareholders along with consumers of their products pushing these companies to cease buying from Xinjiang. Even the very "internationalist" corporations Republicans protected and promoted right up until January of this year at the expense of labor rights, public safety and the environment (because it wasn't Democrats pushing for things like the true lender rule or tariffs on nations who impose digital taxes for example) can't afford to be seen using materials produced by slave labor.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

YUMC, TSLA, MSFT, CSCO, AAPL, CAT, BA, GM, SBUX, NKE, F, WYNN, QCOM, MU, TXN, AMD, VECO all need to pull out of China. Perhaps some laws are necessary to "help" them come to the same conclusion.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

H&M, Burberry, Nike, Adidas and other Western brands have been hit by consumer boycotts in China since last week over comments about their sourcing of cotton in Xinjiang.

It is pretty hilarious looking at the Chinese ripoff imitation companies that the CCP is promoting instead. Abibas, Baneburry, Nappa.... LOL


1 ( +1 / -0 )

Stop buying chinese rubbish

0 ( +0 / -0 )

 Cheap does not mean Good value

I'm there, but I wish I could make my wife understand that to be true. I get the stink eye from her when I buy anything that cost more than the least expensive alternative for any given product.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Or what? You'll release a virus and kill hundreds of millions? Been there, done that.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

The world has now finally entered a bi-polar situation.

At one pole, there is a China-Russia-Iran bloc with 1.7 billion people. At the other, it is a US-NATO-QUAD bloc with 2.3 billion people.

On military power, both blocs seem to be at par. On economic strength, the latter edges over the former.

Recent naval exercises, tests of missiles, deployment of warships at strategic seas all point to one object -- both blocs are preparing for a big confrontation.

Does anyone like it?

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Isn’t it weird how China contradicts its own statement and ways? On one side it does not want any company, organization, or nation to involve or speak up about the CCP. Whereas on the other hand world is aware how CCP involves itself in its neighbor countries internal politics. Which is clearly seen in Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, and others.

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