Suicide car bombing kills at least 34 in Afghanistan


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I'll never understand the "join us or die" mentality.


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USA send all military forces home. As long as the nations bordering Afghanistan can keep the fighting contained within Afghanistan's borders, let the Afghani tribes sort out their own problems. Let the tribes decide which companies and countries to sell their natural resources to. Chinese companies are currently profiting there. The only American companies benefitting from the US invasion are those in the arms industries.

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Hopeless and never ending infighting and violence within Islam.

I agree, leave them to it. Unfortunately Europe has imported it enmasse. The running street battles between Islamic groups in Germany is never reported - but at least the worst attacks against the "infidels" usually make it to the news.

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PTownsend: Don't you care about education for girls in Afghanistan?

(Before you erupt, I do, but not to the extent that I would commit billions of dollars and thousands of lives to achieve it. Perhaps women's rights activists could go there and start clandestine schools for young women. Abundant opportunities for heroism. Maybe an international brigade of SJWs could be flown in spearheaded by Antifa storm troopers.)

Facetious, yes. Concerned about further involvement in Afghanistan, yes. Willing to sacrifice more blood and resources, no.

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"Perhaps women's rights activists could go there and start clandestine schools for young women. "

The women would be slaughtered as well as the children intending to go to school. This is nothing new. It is not their way to allow girls or women higher education. They are to be traded and treated like slaves. To keep the home and raise the children and let the slavish cycle continue.

If the world really wanted to end this (the Taliban military as a whole, not the idea or every last scattered soldier perhaps) we could and it would take less then a year or two. But we choose not to. We choose to allow for chaos in the Middle East. 

We choose to fund terrorists, either out right or through an ally that we know are funding them. Then we sell weapons to so called allies to fight said terrorists, while our own brothers and sisters, children and friends die fighting said terrorism. And this does not even include the thousands of innocent people dying because of war or 100,000s being displaced and becoming refugees. We allow countries to have safe havens for known terrorist groups instead of just saying enough is enough and hunting them down. It is ridiculous!

To be honest I am surprised we have gotten Daesh to this point. Then again they are attacking Western nations as well.

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don't forget those them rare metals in the mountains jimbo.

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