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Ex-Trump aide Hicks agrees to hand over campaign documents to Congress

By David Morgan and Steve Holland

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Trump ordering his lieutenants not to testify isn’t obstruction of justice?

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If you fail to show at traffic court, the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Ignore Congressional subpoenas and you get a strongly worded letter. Am I missing something?

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Is Trump going to start insulting her on Twitter now?

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Documents from the campaign are fine. Documents from the white house are not.

Not like they don’t already have all these documents from all the spying that was done during that time,

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"Spying"? How about checking the meanings of words before use?

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TumbleDryToday 07:20 am JSTTrump ordering his lieutenants not to testify isn’t obstruction of justice?

It certainly is. An impeachable offense, one of MANY!

plasticmonkeyToday 08:57 am JSTIs Trump going to start insulting her on Twitter now?

He does that to everyone who kiss his derriere. Besides, she's a woman and he's upset because she won't let him abuse her.

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@Blacklab--speaking of shady campaign figures, his chairman Paul Manafort was just imprisoned at Riker's Island. Do you hope that Trump, after declaring indefinite martial law, is still the president when Manafort's seven year sentence finishes in 2026?

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actually Manafort's sentence is scheduled to end around Dec 2024, so Trump will still be in office without your ridiculous martial law comment. Not relevant because he isnt in jail for anything Trump related.

and yes I am well aware of what the word "spying" means, and that is what happened here.

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@Black--the charges that imprisoned him were his own doing, not a result of Trump's directives, you mean. But it's relevant that his two trials were based on the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Questionable if any criminality of campaign insiders from Manafort on down is completely unrelated to Trump. At the very least, Trump should have vetted who he hired to not bring in those engaged in felony-level defrauding of the US. What do you predict will happen to Hope Hicks, the subject of this news story?

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