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Hong Kong leader says China backs her 'all the way'

By Farah Master

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She was fully appointed by the CCP not public voted in by the Hong Kong population it only saves face for them to continue to back her up.

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The Chinese will be doing everything they can to stop whats going in Hong Kong on by October 1.

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Good first step. Beijing is obviously hoping this concession will end demonstrations. Beijing can always just snatch its critice anyway, so it's not much of a compromise.

The genie is out of the bottle, though. I doubt demonstrations will end until universal suffrage and a directly elected leader for Hong Kong is allowed - and this is a Rubicon bridge Beijing will not cross.

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Everyone has known from the beginning that she's just a puppet of Beijing.

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China denies meddling in Hong Kong's affairs and accuses Western countries of fueling the protests.

Really? That has got to be for the Chinese population!

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She can't resign, can't do anything without the approval of Xi the population obviously don't want anything to do with China. A mass slaughter is on the cards.

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Inevitably she now concedes initial demand but the agenda has moved on and the protestors want a lot more now.   I still have a bad feeling about this not ending well.

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I still have a bad feeling about this not ending well.

The protestors are actually in a fairly good position now. The CCP of course want to shut them down ASAP, and have made veiled threats to try to intimidate the protestors into giving up. But, China is in a bad position with this. It’s not like Tibet or Uighur territory where they can act with impunity knowing they control the media and flow of information. The world’s eyes are on HK right now, and everyone will see if the CCP acts with force.

Some may think that the CCP doesn’t care, but they’d be wrong. One thing the protestors got lucky about was Trump coincidentally calling out China for various nefarious actions, shining a spotlight on them. This has put them on the back foot, as they’ve been trying to promote an image of a matured nation in years past, trying to be taken as equals on the world stage.

If they attack the protestors in front of the entire planet, it’s going to be extremely damaging for them. It could potentially kill decades of effort in getting the world to take them seriously and interacting with them as equals.

This puts them in an extremely difficult position. Either let HK win and keep its independence, or step in with violence to get them under control. The former solves this problem, but will surely cause problems for them Taiwan and their occupied territories. The latter destroys their reputation in the world and will surely see a hard impact to their economic strength and negotiate in the world.

Lets hope they see the light, let HK be free, and learn how to deal with the world as a nation that respects human rights and the freedom of its people. That would be the ideal result for the most people in the long run.

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HK is a local govt, and has the legal authority to deal with local violence on behalf of 1.6 billion northeast Asians. All govt rule by laws, HK is not special.

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They probably told her one thing and then told her to make this video so that they can show to the mainland for public consumption, very clever and very sneaky.

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HK is a local govt

That needs to change. The people of HK deserve their freedom, to be their own country without their unwanted overlords.

Gambare people of HK!

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Beijing blinked. Interesting. I wonder what or who exactly made Xi’s government back off. Foreign pressure? I can’t imagine protesters in HK alone could do it. Let’s wait for the other shoe to fall.

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Typical statements. Screwed up the plot of China to get Taiwan under the banner of "one-country-two-systems", embarrassed her master, exposed the collusion between police and triad on international stage....I doubt she will last too long.

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Does she represent the CCP or does she represent the people of Hong Kong?

The answer is clear. Carrie Lam needs to go. She cannot be trusted.

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Maybe, just maybe, Lam should be concerned with whether the people of Hong Kong "back her all the way."

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Just say NO to communism.

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It will be interesting to see how the Koreans (South) deal with this kind of aggressive police action once they've completed the looming amalgamation with China under Moon's leadership. The Chinese will not take demonstrations lightly, and I know Koreans love to protest things. It'll be interesting to watch.

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