Israel plays for time on flashpoint Jerusalem evictions

By Dan Williams

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Boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel until it stops abusing the human rights of the Palestinians.

Israel is a terror state. It constantly inflicts collective punishment on the Palestinians and is constantly stealing more Palestinian lands.

You’d think a Jewish country founded after the persecution of Jewish people during the Holocaust would hesitate to persecute others, but you’d be incorrect.

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In 1948, Israel expelled over 700,000 Palestinians and seized 1.4 million acres of privately-owned Palestinian property.

In 1950, Israel legalized the theft with the passage of the Absentee Property Law which allowed the state to give the stolen properties to Jewish immigrants.

In 1956, Jordan, which then controlled East Jerusalem, allowed 28 Palestinian families who had been expelled from Israel to settle in Sheikh Jarrah.

In 1967, Israel captured East Jerusalem, and three years later passed the Law on Legal and Administrative Affairs, which allowed Jews to reclaim property in East Jerusalem lost in 1948.

Today, Palestinians in Sheik Jarrah have no legal recourse for reclaiming property lost in 1948. Jews, on the other hand, are able to regain land they owned prior to 1948.

Another fine example of Israeli apartheid.

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The Israeli regime is hoping that with a bit of time, the world's attention to its vicious oppression of Palestinians will fade.

It might, or like with the US injustice to its Black population, it might not fade before the next outrageous act of violence by Israel keeps the images alive.

But there's another clock ticking that the Israeli regime fears, rather than welcomes, and that's the clock on the ICC investigation into what has happened there. The almost inevitable finding that most of what the Israeli regime claims to have been legal uses of force were in fact criminal acts, and that most of what the Israeli regime called criminal acts of violence against it were in fact legal and justified, well, that's something that will leave a mark.

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