No relation to reality: Johnson brushes off ex-aide's claims

By Michael Holden and William James

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After the shambolic proverbial elephant, his former boss, has bolted from the room, Dom speaks truth to power too late, to which power's smug reply of "no relation to reality" rings hollow coming from a clownish fibber who has cobbled together a lucrative career out of making stuff up as he shambles along.

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Brushes off like his dandruff

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Dim seems like a loon. Acting like a jilted lover

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Boris Johnson needs to endure the same grilling that Dominic Cummings has had.

That would set the record straight...

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Well, of course Boris Johnson and his crony Hancock will deny all the allegations and keep lying. Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate is well over 152,000 according to different source. It is one of the highest in the world although they had plenty of time to prepare for this health emergency. Thanks Cummings.

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No relation to reality: Johnson brushes off ex-aide's claims,

No brushing off the Cummings monster, his stratagem reached deep into the heart of Government.

Johnson is flipped into a cocked hat

 Hancock, has to be the first to the Tower, head metaphorically speaking, on a spike.

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the johnson logic: f you cant handle the truth ,brush it off

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The claims may all be true, but it is unlikely to make any difference.

Cummings was probably the most reviled person in Britain in 2020. Now he looks like a turncoat and backstabber too. 'Kiss and tell', amorous or political, rarely goes down well with the public.

Clown Leader appears to be immune to criticism. Because everyone assumes he is making stuff up as he goes along and is hopelessly incompetent, the bar for condemnation is set absurdly high. He changes policy on the fly, more times in a week than Thatcher did in a decade, but remains popular. His popularity unnerves his party, who haven't had a popular leader in a long time, but they don't trust him.

The Tories will have assumed that they could ditch him after Brexit, as he was bound to stuff up. But the NHS vaccination roll-out saved his bacon. He knows that he has to offer people whatever they want to obtain their vote. If he cannot deliver, he will simply blame it on Covid, scientists or foreigners, and promise 'jam tomorrow'.

The pandemic was the ultimate Christmas gift for Johnson. Even by catching it, he garnered the sympathy vote. All the damage caused by Brexit, which individual sectors are now counting the cost of, can be obscured by Covid, news of which is spoon-fed to the nation with graphs and stats, in hours of BBC News every day, replacing the programmes that can no longer be made. Fearing being broken up in a world of streaming companies loaded down with VC and GAFA money, the BBC have become a state broadcaster, in the hope that the Tories, who have always regarded them as the enemy, will pay the bills in return for compliance.

Having isolated the UK, external issues can be brushed off or ignored. He has unlimited amounts of MMT cash to hand out (something the Tories have always accused Labour of wanting to do in their campaign material). The nationalist mantra goes down well with the Little Englanders and chavs.

He is the luckiest politician on the planet. The Israelis dumped Biden in a mess. Suga has bungled the vaccine roll-out. The EU are juggling federalist plates. Xi is having to deal with a tightening US noose on Chinese trade and tech. The clown just blunders cheerfully on.

Sometimes politics just defies logic.

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