Protesters clash with police at Paris protest against police violence

By Tangi Salaün

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black-clad protesters

Ohh... black-clad... all of them?

Don't worry, we get the message, these protestors are bad.

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No just the ones that turned up for a fight, Bush.

Macron can stick his law again photographing policeman up his heanie. This isn't a brutal police state like Russia. Just a police state.

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The new law would ban all people from photographing or videographing the police and publishing it online.

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Endemic racism. Endemic corruption.

La Police Nationale should be scrapped and rebooted, not protected from prosecution. Oh

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This isn't a brutal police state like Russia. Just a police state

Any proof to validate this claim? The Russian police did nothing like the French police did while supressing the Yellowjackets.

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