Resign for misleading Britain, Labour's Corbyn tells Johnson

By Elizabeth Piper and William James

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So far - Johnson's tenure can be summed up in one word: Disastrous.

Johnson's term of office will be historic in its incompetence just as his rise to power has been for his mendacity. One hopes for the sake of our British friends that it will also be historically short.

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The ruling itself is historic, and would be a better focus for a story than Corbyn's reaction to it at the Labour conference.

By proroguing Parliament, Johnson united opposition against him and lost his tiny majority. It was said by many at the time, but it was a very dumb tactical move, from someone, Dominic Cummings, who were told was a master tactician capable of "4D chess".

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Corbyn is no better than Johnson.

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Jeremy Corbyn knows full well the once revered democratic socialist and trade unionist labour party would be laid to waste when called upon to face the electorate in a General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn, and John McDonnell are relics of the past, not the future, their Marxist ideology, dogma was never meant to belong outside a first year economics classroom.

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Corbyn again said he wanted an election,

...Corbyn said: "So obey the law, take no deal off the table, and have an election to elect a government that respects democracy, that respects the rule of law and brings power back to the people,

Horsefeathers! If Corbyn, or any of the MP's who claim they want an election, actually wanted to hold an election, there would have already been an election. I suggest that Parliament stop playing politics, and get on with the peoples business.

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There will be an election after a no deal date is reached and Bozo asks for an extension so probably in November.

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